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Things I Miss From Home

  • black beans
    ED 08-Jan: We found a can of black beans in the “international” isle of the grocery store in another town.  Stay tuned for details of what they’re like.
  • baking soda
  • carpeted stairs
  • availability of options for everything
  • oodles of family and friends mere seconds away
  • dry ingredient measuring cups (I forgot to ship US measurement ones)
  • my parent’s laundry sink for bathing babies
  • house plants
  • Schroeder and June

I’m sure there will be more as time goes on.

Family and friends are a given.  Obviously.

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Posts Coming Soon

the 3 month transition apart

the airplane ride with 2 babies and way too much luggage

attack of the pink eye monster, part 2 and III (2012-01-08)

exactly how many boxes does it take to move a household over seas?

life in a tiny village (1 car, no stores close by)

things I miss from home (At least the first installment is complete.)

things I want to bring back home

All I Want for Christmas is Switzerland (a.k.a. Flat Tire on Autobahn)

New Year’s in Paris (2012-01-03)

thoughts on becoming a full-time stay at home mom

tour of Haus Miller

separation anxiety in the 20-month old

travel goals while living in Europe

Hopefully, I’ll get to all of these topics and more very soon.

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The Adventure Begins

Our Germany adventure began 2 weeks before our second baby, Little E, was born on August 5, 2011.  That’s when my husband, LOML, saw a posting for this position on his company intranet.  We never thought it would end up becoming real.  We didn’t actually expect to be moving to Europe by the end of the year.  But it did.

Hopefully this blog will be useful in a few ways: to get my thoughts out, to let our family and friends know what we’re up to being so far away, and as a journal of our life living abroad.

Join me, MomMom, my husband, LOML, our almost 2 year old, Big Ive, and the new baby, Little E.

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