Attack of the Pink Eye Monster, Part II (and now III)

We visited LOML’s youngest sister and family in Oklahoma the week after Thanksgiving.  They are taking care of our little dogs while we live abroad, so I had to drive them there.  Also, it was the perfect way for them to get to meet Little E.  It was a lot of fun seeing the girls’ cousins and hanging out with my sister- and brother-in-law.

The only bad part was that Big Ive came home with pink eye from their house.  LOML’s other sister had visited for Thanksgiving and her son had gotten pink eye from their hometown school.  So far this bacteria has traveled from Iowa to Oklahoma to Arizona and now it’s in Germany.

Contagion break-down:

  • Cousin G. gave it to Cousin C.
  • Cousin C. gave it to Big Ive.
  • Big Ive managed to give it to Little E (I wonder how that happened).
  • And they were successful in getting 2 of their uncles, Auntie Joy, their AZ Grandma and Grandpa and now me.

Joy and I came down with it the second week we were in Germany.  I have never washed my hands or done so much laundry in my life.  It was insane.  We washed our hands or used copious amounts of sanitizer every time we touched the girls or our eyes.  My hands are chapped from it.  The girls didn’t seem to be affected terribly, but Grandpa had eyes almost swollen shut.  Grandma must have gotten to the doctor and gotten the prescription sooner because her’s wasn’t as bad.  Joy had 1 eye swollen, but maybe not quite as bad as Grandpa.  I guess it’s a pretty contagious strain because it’s going around the school in the town Cousin G. lives in.  I hope we never encounter it again in my lifetime.

I thought we we over it and then I came down with it again.  Or it was still there and just lingering.  I don’t know.  I don’t really care.  It sucks either way. Thankfully, it never got very bad for me either time.

One of LOML’s co-workers speaks German and was able to call around to local doctors to find an English speaking one so I could get an appointment.  The whole appointment took 5 minutes.  Maybe 10 if you include filling out my name, address and phone number on the form and waiting 2 minutes for the doctor to arrive in the exam room.  Doc was nice and did not rush.  We got the prescription and drove to the next town to get to the Apotheke to get it filled.  ((The hardest part was typing the German prescription instructions into google translate to find out the dosing recommendations.))

No charge for the doctor visit.  $20 for the prescription.  In and out of both places in 20 minutes (including the drive between locations).  ::sigh::   I heart Germany.

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