Things I Love

Big Ive’s goofy babbling complete with hand gestures, inflection, facial gestures and giggling
Big Ive interpreting sign language in her own way
Little E’s baby dinosaur noises (which are mostly gone now)
Little E’s attempt at clicking her tongue resulting in faint T sounds
The curls that get so tight in Big Ive’s red hair from sweating while napping
Little E’s velvet soft skin
Sharing these little daily wonder moments with LOML
The rolls on top of rolls on top of rolls all over Little E (my hcunky fat baby)
Seeing Big Ive pretend to talk on any piece of electronic thT resembles a phone
The juxtoposition of fierce independence and utter need in toddlers
When Big Ive taps a seat to indicate she wants you or someone to sit there
Big Ive’s gentle sweet nature with her baby sister, her immense love for Little E
Little Eneeding to hold something in her hands as she sucks her thumb to fall asleep
The roll on Little E’s big toes


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