Full of Firsts

This past week was very full of firsts for me. On Tuesday I finally got up enough
guts nerves to go to our village butcher (metzgerei) to buy a beef roast. After walking up the big, steep, winding hill (I had to stop half way to rest…pushing nearly 50 pounds of children in a double stroller uphill is hard work) from our house I found out they were still closed from their New Year’s holiday. The afternoon outing wasn’t all lost; I talked with the neighbor across the street, we went down a street I hadn’t been on, we played in the park, I met another mom and her 2 kids as they walked home from the bus stop after school. They live up on what we call “the American Hill” because all but 3 houses on the street up the hill are occupied by US citizens, most likely military. Nothing wrong with them or the hill. But I’m glad we live on the main street not in the middle of the American Hill.

On Wednesday I walked over to the neighbors house (I’ll call her Grammy) and invited her and her granddaughter to go walk with us to feed the goats we found on the outside of town. I packed some celery to feed them. Grammy and 4 year old “Rapunzel” came with us! These German goats are picky about what they eat, apparently. They don’t like celery! We are going to try again with apples.

On the way. Back home we stopped at the butcher. The lady gave the kids samples on some of her sausage / hot dog thing. Neither liked it so I got to eat both. It was good. I purchased a great roast, some feta cheese and a small bottle of peach iced tea. It was fun. They have a small kid table in the corner and Big Ive loved it. Little E was fast asleep in the stroller, like normal. (I am so thankful this baby has been so content and happy. I’m not sure if I would be as sane as I am if she were more work to handle on top of the non-stop Big Ive.) it was 4:30 by the time we got home so I didn’t get the roast in the oven.

Thursday was mostly a regular day at home. The weather was bad off and on all day so we only ventured out quick in the afternoon to walk up to the kindergarten to see where I needed to bring Big Ive on Friday after lunch. I guess you could count cooking a beef pot roast for the first time in Germany as my first for that day.

Friday was full and fun. We took the girls to their new German pediatrician first thing in the morning. In the process to become German residents they required us to get Little E a well check-they sent us a very official letter. So we just made an appointment for Big Ive, too, so she can meet the doctor and have her information on file. They did these little tests with Big Ive that I wasn’t expecting. Made her stack blocks, draw on a piece of paper with a pencil, kick a ball, say some words, climb stairs. Back home they have just asked a series of questions to determine if she is on target for development. She is 12.8k (28.25lbs) and 78cm (33in). Very tall and very skinny. Little E on the other hand is 9.3k (20.5lbs) and 67cm (26in…if I remember the conversions correctly…). Tall and very chubby. We lovingly call her our fat baby. She’s really not that little and not that much smaller than Big Ive.

After lunch the girls and I walked up to the village kindergarten so Big Ive could meet the kids, play a little and I could see the school building.  They didn’t have a slot available for her right away, but they will when she turns 2 in April!  It was a lot of fun watching her play with the kids and all the toys.  A couple of boys became her new best friends and were by her side the entire time.  The older one drew us both map pictures to take home.  It was sweet.

Little E sleeping the stroller like normal.

Then I made enchiladas.  Yum…  LOML managed to hunt and gather green enchilada sauce, green chilis and black beans.  It was good and almost like a taste of home.  We didn’t have the same kind of cheese, so they were a little different, but not bad at all.

And then.  AND THEN! I went to band practice for the first time at 8pm.  It was a lot of fun.  Our neighbor/landlord went with me and introduced me to the director and people there.  I brought my flute and bassoon.  The director said there aren’t bassoon parts for every song, but when there is one I get to play it.  For that night I just played flute.  I haven’t played in forever.  It took a little bit to get back into sight-reading all the music, but it was like riding a bike; you don’t forget the fundamentals.

All in all a really good week.

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2 thoughts on “Full of Firsts

  1. John Lynch says:

    Wow! Awesome! Thanks so much for the description details sister… Makes me feel like we’re closer to you guys in all this. Miss you tons. So stoked about all the connections and adventures. Are those goats wild? Do you guys have a yard? Is there a garden or chickens in your future there? How’s the church? Love and miss you all!

    • hausmiller says:

      The goats live in a fenced area. We have a small patio and grass area out back that are ours, and our Landlord said we could use the swing set on their side of the property (over the bridge over the small creek). The Landlady has 9 chickens. I need to ask her if I can buy eggs from her. I don’t think I’ll be able to own my own. If I don’t get permission to dig up a patch of earth I’ll plant a container garden. LOML and I are really into leeks now so I think that would be a fantastic thing to grow. We’ve been gone or sick every weekend we’ve been here, so we haven’t made it to the church. Maybe this Sunday. I’m sure I’ll have a post when we go. :) I’m enjoying writing.

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