[and other daily happenings 24.01.2012]

 A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my Daddy!  He is 54 years young today.  Wish we could be there to celebrate with you, Daddy.  We’ll just have to have a late celebration when you get here to Germany this weekend!  I love you and miss you.


I forgot to mention that Big Ive said the word ‘cars’ for the first time yesterday.  At least she said it intelligibly to me for the first time.  Who knows how many times in BigIve-speak she’s said it and I didn’t understand.


LOML and I had a really good laugh right before going to bed last night.  I’m not allowed to blog about it.  But it was hilarious.  I know that’s not fair to you readers, but, I need to respect my husband.


I was practicing my flute today while Big Ive played with her wooden blocks.  She was so happy to have the tv off and just stack the blocks again and again.  Sometimes I forget that the basic toys–wooden blocks, stacking cups, etc–can be the best toys for kids’ development and imagination.  Little E liked chewing on them, but she probably would have preferred smaller blocks.

because sometimes you need to sit on your chair when you stack blocks

It was fantastic to play my flute for a while.  It has been too long for me to play it.  I don’t have a good enough excuse for why I didn’t take the time to do it more often back at home.  There were a few passages I had to break down and practice over and over before I mostly got them.  I even had to bust out the pencil to write notes on the page.  It felt so good.


We walked up to the big playground up the big hill today.  On Sunday after church LOML drove up there so we could see what it looked like.  There are some new nice houses up there.  On my walk up the big hill (holy cow that’s a workout…pushing 50lb of child and probably 20lb of stroller up a steep hill) I saw a house and barn that was being renovated.  There was still straw in the barn portion that they tore half out.  It amused me.

The playground is on a hill so they put a slide on the side of the hill.  It was fun.  Big Ive had a blast.  She was afraid of the small yellow slide initially.  I had to stand at the bottom of it and coax her down.  Once she went down all was good and she couldn’t get enough.

Little E incognito

On the walk down the hill back home we stopped at the convenience store type place.  They basically had a little of everything–produce, freezer section, refrigerated meats and cheeses, beverages, pastas, candy.  Big Ive and I went it and left Little E in the stroller on the street.  She was sleeping when we went in and awake when we came out.  Big Ive fell in the store so I had to buy her a little Kinder Egg chocolate.  It has a hollow egg shape for chocolate with a little toy inside.  Big Ive LOVES them.  LOML got a advent calendar full of Kinder chocolates.  She couldn’t wait for LOML to get home every evening to be able to open the next day’s chocolate.

We met a lady outside of the store.  She lives up the big hill by the big playground.  She asked if we lived here and if we liked it.  I told her yes, it’s a great place to live.  I think we have people noticing us in our big double stroller.  I don’t think many people in Europe need to utilize one of those (unless they have twins).  It was funny to me when she asked if I had 2 kids in it.  I wanted to respond, “like I would push this giant stroller around and ONLY have 1 kid?”  She was very nice and welcoming.


I decided to try to capture some little moments every day or there abouts so I wouldn’t forget.  You know those little life moments that happen daily that kind of make you stop and smile.  Write them down for posterity.  Or for blackmail for the kids later.  Whichever.

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