Trains, Words and Playgroups [and other daily happenings 25.01.2012]

Dropped LOML off at the train station this morning.  He had a meeting for work in a town a few hours away.  That means I had to drive home by myself this morning.  I only took 2 wrong turns using the GPS.

1. I’m not used to the GPS.
2. Streets here in Germany don’t always look like streets until you’re right upon them and then it’s too late to slow down to make the turn.
3. It was dark outside.

The girls and I successfully made it to the bakery in a town a few kilometers away and then all the way back home.  Pudding brezels and fresh loaf of bread was our victory breakfast.


Big Ive said “I love you” today.  And I could understand it.  She also said “Auntie” pretty clearly when we were talking to my sister Joy.  I tried to get her to say a bunch of other things, but she gets to this limit – 1 or 2 words – said clearly and then she purposely starts talking babble gibberish.  You can just watch her face and tell when she switches.  This sort of little grin takes over.


Tried more cereal with Little E.  She’s not too fond of it.  I think it might be the texture–it’s not milk.  She’s so big and eats so much I feel like I don’t have enough milk for her by the evenings now.  And then she gets up to eat 2-5 times a night still.  Which solidifies my thought that she isn’t getting enough to eat during the day.  I think we got the correct power transformer figured out so I should be able to start pumping again and hopefully increase supply for her.

Or she could be getting that tooth.  Or going through a growth spurt.


The girls and I went to a little playgroup this morning in our village.  There were 3 other 2 year olds there.  We sang songs (in German, of course), played legos, ate a snack, cleaned up and sang more songs before leaving.  Big Ive was tired from getting up early to take LOML to the train station that she almost broke down before the end.

I didn’t think we’d make it there this week as we had the washing machine repair person coming between 10 and 1.  He showed up at 9:15 and was out of here by 9:30.  That left us just enough time to get ready and walk down the hill to the old schoolhouse.


Big Ive "helping" dad put the pantry shelf together


Little E under the coffee table (right before she squaked at me to get her out)


3 sleeps / 2 days until my parents arrive!

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