Our First Visitors! [and other daily happenings 30.01.2012]

My parents are in town for a couple of weeks to visit us.  It is so much fun.  And so strange to have my parents come stay and visit me.  I’ve always lived in the same city as them so it is strange to have them come over to my house and stay the night.

walking in our village with the grandparents

We went for a walk today to visit the metzgerei.  We got some yummy sausage, salami, olives (for LOML), little hotdog things and this loaf of meat that was pretty tasty.  There was a new lady working the counter that spoke pretty good English.  I do not complain about any German’s English — there’s no way I could — as they speak English about 1.5million times better than I speak German.  .

The lady gave Big Ive a small packet of gummy bears.  They kept her happy on the rest of the walk back to the house.  We stopped and took photos of the church in town and the construction on the house/barn building near the church.  I took some other nice photos of my parents walking with the kids in the stroller.

Big Ive walking with Oma

at the bus stop in our village

Like usual, Little E was sleeping the entire time.  Every time she does that I wonder when this easy streak is going to end.  Like, it can’t stay this good forever, right?

village church

church door


On Friday night I had to call in sick for band rehearsal.  Both Big Ive and Little E were sick, but Little E was far worse.  This cold or something hit her really hard.  It is so sad to see them sick.  It breaks my heart because there’s not much I can do.  We gave her acetaminophen or ibuprofen throughout the day and night.  She would have a short mostly happy reprieve for a little bit and then melt into her cranky, fussy, sick little self again.

I ended up sitting up all night with her on the sofa.  I had to hold her just so in order to get her to not cry for 30-60 minutes at a time.  That was the first time I have had to stay up all night with a kid.  Big Ive’s been sick before but nothing like this.  Or she was no where near as needy as Little E is.  Some time during the night I took her temperature and it was around 101.5 F.  Not terribly high, but higher than I’ve ever noticed in her.  About 3am the fever broke and she finally slept for 3 hours straight.  Then LOML was up to drive to the airport to pick up my parents.  And shortly after I went back upstairs to try sleeping a little longer Big Ive decided to wake up.  I got her back down and laid on the floor with Little E for another hour.


Sunday afternoon my dad and I took a walk around our village.  I showed him the places we go and the things we do here.  It was nice to walk and chat with him for about an hour.

creek that runs through the village

neatly stacked woodpiles


It was snowing today.  Not much, but enough to stick on the ground and look white.  My parents must have brought the cold spell.  It has not been this cold since we got here almost 2 months ago as it has been these past couple of days.  This desert kid thought she was doing so well not feeling too cold all this time…and then we went for a walk yesterday.  My legs were cold and I was starting to feel the cold seep through my layers.  Guess it’s time I invest in long johns or tights.


Little E is so close to crawling.


barn / house construction in town

barn / house wood pile

big tree up the hill near-ish the church

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