[and other daily happenings 02.02.2012]

I think my parents are having a good time here on their first visit (of many!) to Germany.  My dad went up to the Getränke yesterday to buy more beer.  And he stopped at the Metzgerei because he found this house meat loaf thing that he liked and had to get more.  And their house-made sausages and blood-wurst.  So far he’s been able to meet all of the employees that speak English.  : )  He took a walk/run on some of the exercise trails around our village, too.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was playgroup in the morning and my parents came with.  We sat on the carpet and sang a few German songs with the kids.  Then, out came the balls and one of those crawling tunnels so the kids could play for a while.  Big Ive LOVED the crawling tunnel.  Most of the kids went to get their snack and she kept crawling through it.  Every time she would get out of the tunnel she would look at me and sign ‘more’, asking if she could go in again.  It was so cool to have her communicating with me via sign language when I wasn’t prompting it.  Not to mention it was nice to see her have fun and interact with all the other kids.

There was another 6 month old baby there.  She was about half the size of Little E.  I asked her mom how old she was, she said 6 months, and then I told her Elsie was 6 months (well…a few days away from being 6months) and the mom just about bulged her eyes out she was so shocked my not dainty child was the same age as hers.  It was kind of funny.

Big Ive took a good while to warm up to the rest of the kids there.  It’s been too long since we’ve had regular contact with other kids.


On Tuesday we decided to walk up to the restaurant to see if they were open for lunch.  They weren’t.  It was a good walk, though.  I wore Little E in my Moby wrap and Oma and Opa were in charge of walking with or carrying Big Ive.


Big Ive is starting to try to say more words.  She said sorry, work, yogurt (which she loves), Little E’s name.

She has been adding moves to her dance repertoire, as well.  There was a dance troupe on tv and she mimicked some of their moves.  She dances differently for different styles of music.  It is fantastic to watch.


We built some awesome lego towers with Big Ive yesterday morning.  The first one Opa started to build with her.  It was thick and not always symmetrical.  Big Ive had issues with the little pegs sticking out of the sides.  She always wanted to build more on them to cover them up.

And then she started building blocks by herself.  Only the blocks with 2 prongs would work for her.  She used up all of the loose blocks on the ground and kept asking for more so my mom had to take apart the big tower and help her sort out the 2-prong blocks so she could make her own tower.


Little E had to ‘help’ with the tower building, too.  Exhibit A:


Since it snowed a couple of inches on Monday (I think?) my parents took Big Ive across the street to go saucering on Grammy and Rapunzel’s front hill.  She went down a few times by herself, but then got scared.  They have a big dog that just wanted to play and Big Ive is not used to big dogs.  When Oma suggested they saucer down together Big Ive thought that was a great idea.

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