[and other daily happenings 07.02.2012]

Kinda’ late getting this update out.  We were sick and then spent the weekend in Amsterdam.  And then we all got sick again.  Better now, though.


Little E is starting to move her hands to crawl.  She gets up on hands and knees – or hands and toes – and will lift up one hand and move it forward.  Then she’ll lay back on the ground and move the other hand.  It’s not crawling but she sure does move around where she wants to go and gets everything she wants to get.  Sometimes she’ll flop on her belly and trap her arms underneath and it makes her mad.  It’s kind of funny.

It's most comfortable to sleep with a plush cucumber and snoopy while sucking your thumb.

Why, yes, we still have our Christmas tree up. What of it? Little E was getting ready to be a stow-away with Oma and Opa on their adventure around our area of little German villages.


Big Ive has started to actually try to say words correctly now.  It is so fun to hear real words come out of her mouth and not just babble.  Although, I know I will be sad when the babble stories will end.

It’s fun to ask her to say new words.  She’s usually pretty good about it the first time.  But, if you ask her again and again she is over it and starts making whatever funny combination of noises she wants that sounds nothing like the word.  She’s probably thinking something like, “I am not going to play this silly game with these adults again.  Can’t they just let me say it once and be over with it?”

The other night she was “counting”.  All she would say was two, two, two, pointing at every picture in her German picture dictionary.  We would count in German and then she would sort of say zwei, zwei, zwei.  It was hilarious.  She refuses to try to say any other numbers.


If you count, “one”, Big Ive responds with, “two”.  If you count, “ein”, Big Ive responds with, “zwei”.  It’s fantastic.


I got out her plush tool belt from the “dress-up” box of toys and put it on Big Ive.  She has been “helping” mom and dad put furniture together with the real screwdrivers and hammer.  So, she knew exactly what these tools were for and went in to work on her toy kitchen.  I had her dressed in a flowery dress over stripped leggings and then she had her tool belt on with her viking hat.  I love this kid.  She really wanted to wear dad’s safety glasses but they’re just a little too big to stay on her head.  Grandpa says she needs a tool bench to use all her tools on.

Little E wearing the toolbelt and jeggings. Very fashion forward.

Naturally, I put the tool belt on Little E when Big Ive was done with it.  The girls are nearly the same girth around so it fit her really well.  When I first bought it for Big Ive, when she was around 1 year old, it fell off of her.  Little E looked great trying to crawl around the floor wearing all of the tools.


At school on Friday the 3rd a couple of older girls (5 and 6 years) called Big Ive’s name out and took her by the hand.  They walked around from room to room, through the hallway, ran up and down the hallway.  After a few minutes it wasn’t the girls leading, it was Big Ive pulling them along.  : )

Big Ive with the 2 older school girls.

There was another 5 year old girl that was VERY interested in Little E.  She kept asking to hold her.  After a few minutes I sat on the floor because Little E is heavy.  I let the 5 and 6 year old girls take turns holding her while sitting.  They were so happy.  They kept remarking on her ‘kleines’ feet and toes and hands.  They didn’t believe me when I said she was a big baby.  I guess all babies are little when you’re a ‘big’ kid.  One of the girls spoke perfect English and acted like my little translator.  It was cute.  She was proud of herself for being able to speak English well.  The other girl just kept talking and talking to me in German even though I understood practically none of it.  She would look up at me and ask a question and just assume I knew what she said.

I had to feed Little E a few minutes before we left.  So, I sat on the bench and nursed her when the German-speaking 5 year old girl came up to me.  She looked at me quizzically.  I said, “Sie isst.”  (“She’s eating.”)  “Milch.” (“Milk.”)  At first I didn’t make the right ‘i’ noise for isst and she had no idea what I said.  When I fixed the vowel sound she thought a minute and then said, “Trinkt.”  “Drink.”  Yes, I supposed you’re right; she is in fact drinking milk.  I think the little girl said something along the lines of you drink milk and you eat food, strange lady with the baby and Big Ive.  If nothing else I guess these kids will teach me how to speak German!

Big Ive running with her friend J at school.

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One thought on “[and other daily happenings 07.02.2012]

  1. Megan Côté says:

    School sounds very fun and interesting! I love the little tool belt around Little E! :-) so cute!

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