2 Month Germany Anniversary [and other daily happenings 10-02-2012]

LOML and I laughed at the thing I’m not supposed to blog about again last night.  It was still really funny.


My mom and I (and Big Ive) split a banana split dessert at the restaurant last night.  It was so good.


Little E is a baby that crawls around putting every little thing in her mouth that she can find on the ground.  Big Ive did not do this.  I was so happy to not have to worry about every little spec with her and now I feel I’m going to be a vacuum-crazy mother to keep her from ingesting too many things that are not food!

And if I’m going to compare


Big Ive carries around this cabbage patch looking little doll.  She is very much a little mommy to her doll.  She is concerned to have the doll wrapped in a blanket.  She carries and holds it so gently.  She has the “mommy rock and sway” already down pat and she’s not even 2, yet!  A few days ago she started pretending the doll had stinky diapers and tried to change them.  She says, “Shh, shh, baby” like she does to her sister when she fusses.  She pretends the baby is tired and needs to go to sleep.

I will try to get the rock and sway on video soon.

I’m loving this new pretend play phase we’re entering.  The other day she started handing out something from her hands to everyone.  I was feeling sick and told her I had an ouch on my tummy and to get me a band aid for it.  She looked in the diaper bag for the real ones.  That’s when I told her to get me a pretend one.  And she happily obliged.

We have never tried to get her to play with dolls.  There have been a few in our house this entire time (hand-me-downs or gifts, we haven’t purchased any).  I don’t feel like it’s something I need to overly encourage her to do.  If she wants to play with dolls, she will play with dolls.  If she would rather play with her cars on the floor and vroom vroom around, then she can do that.  (She saw the kids at the kindergarten running cars around on the floor and totally mimicked them the other day.  It was super cute to watch.)  I feel there shouldn’t be gender-specific toys.  If I had a boy he would be allowed to play with dolls as much as he wanted, too.  That’s why the girls have a tool-belt to play with, and cars and blocks and trains, as well as, the little kitchen, little purse-like bags (all kids go through a phase of carrying around bags on their shoulders, though), and a few other somewhat-more-‘girly-toys.

Although, I do draw the line on the princess crap, or diva or other things like that.  And any sort of pants that have words written on their butts.  Those are not necessary for little kids or adults!


Little E is sitting up by herself so well now, too.  Less than a month ago she literally would slump forward only propped up by her big belly.  Now she’s sitting up straight playing with toys.  She tries to get to a sitting position from crawling and is not quite there, yet.  So far she’s only face planted hard once, so I think we’re doing well.  : )  I’m sure there will be more opportunities for that to happen in the future.


I love the way Little E lights up and squeals when she sees Big Ive.  Those girls sure to do love each other.


My parents have to go back home on Sunday.  I’m sad about that.  It has been SO much fun having them here visiting for the past 2 weeks.  Not to mention it has been wonderful to not have to do the dishes and laundry because my mother has been amazing with all of her help.

The weather has been VERY cold while they’ve been here.  I thought I was doing well with my first ‘cold’ winter, being a desert native.  I was wrong.  This less-than-freezing-temperature weather is COLD.  Go figure, it’ll get back up into the upper 30s and low 40s (F) the week after they leave.  I tried to get them to extend their stay longer, but I don’t think it’s working.


Kindergarten play time this afternoon.  LOML said he’s a little jealous that he has to work while we get to go play with all the kids on Friday afternoons.  Maybe he’ll have to join us one of these days and experience the fun for himself.


I ported my blog to a Word document so I can print it for my Grandparents who don’t have the internet.  It ended up being almost 40 pages when I put all of the photos in and formatted it.  I guess I’ll have to do that more often, so it’s less paper to print and mail each time.  I think this is post number 22 for me.  I have never stuck with a journal for this long.


This day marks 2 whole months we’ve lived in Germany.  It still feels kind of like we’re just on an extended vacation.  Or perhaps we’ve just effortlessly moved into this new normal.  I’ll believe the latter.

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