[and other daily happenings 13.02.2012]

My parents went back home yesterday.  It was a sad day.  Now it’s back to ‘reality’ here in Haus Miller.  My mom was fantastic and did all the dishes and laundry the 2 weeks they were here.  It was a nice little vacation.  My dad was helpful with the kids a lot, too.


Little E has figured out how to sit herself up from crawling now.  She does it and looks up at us so proud of herself.  It’s adorable.

If she’s crawling at just 6 months, when do you think she’ll be walking?  9 months?  Big Ive crawled at 7.5 months and walked at 11.


I’m over this cold snap we’ve had here the past 2 weeks.  Below freezing is not nice.  When it was in the upper 30s and into the 40s it was nice enough to get out with the kids and walk around.  Maybe it would be better if there were more snow so we could actually play in it.  There is about 2 inches on the ground right now that’s been there for a week and a half.  Not enough to go sledding, not enough to make a snowman.  Just enough to make pushing the stroller around town difficult.

LOML said he can’t wait for spring to get here.  I’m excited about what it’ll look like.  Warmer weather would definitely be welcome.

Although it’s been cold, it hasn’t been rainy so we’ve actually seen the sun a number of days in a row.  It is nice to sit in the living room in the afternoons when the sun just cooks it.


Speaking of said stroller… we might have to invest in a more off-road style stroller for our daily jaunts here in town.  The Gra.co one we have now that fits Little E’s carseat is not made for this much abuse.  We’ve been pushing it’s limits going up and down curbs, down the gravel roads, through the mud to visit the goats, up and down all of these hills, checked at the airport, Paris subways, snowy streets of Amsterdam.  Yesterday walking in the airport I noticed it was making a whine as we pushed.  I’m waiting for a wheel to just fall off.

And then I wonder if there’s a way to retrofit bigger bike wheels onto it.  I’m not the kind of person to make changes like that.  Plus I’m not sure where I’d get the parts and supplies to even attempt it here in Germany.  There’s no Ace Hardware just up the road from me.  Maybe YouTube would have some tutorials…?

Anyone with kids knows how expensive strollers can be, especially if you need a double stroller.


My mom bought me a bunch of clay pots at a garage sale Saturday morning.  Now I can start my container garden in the house before I’m able to plant outside.


LOML let me cut his hair yesterday.  He actually asked me to cut it.  He hasn’t asked me for a haircut in years.  It took me a long time to do it, but it turned out really good.  I haven’t cut hair in a long time.  We also had interruptions for one baby that needed to eat, and another that needed constant reminders to not walk in the cut hairs.  I think he’s happy with it, too, which is what matters most.


I feel like I’m breaking all of the rules with starting Little E on solid foods.  She doesn’t want to eat the baby cereal so I stopped trying that after about 3 times.  She liked balsamic roasted carrots that I made the other night for dinner.  And mashed potatoes (with milk! and butter! and salt!).

A few nights ago I made this hot sausage and veggie pasta salad with balsamic vinegar and she loved the bits of pasta covered in BV that I gave her.

She likes to eat crackers.

Last night I gave her chunks of green beans.  She loved those.  Maybe we skip the super pureed baby foods and just go to soft chunks of regular adult foods.

Big Ive ate a banana today and I gave her chunks of the banana.  She seemed to really like them, too, once she got over the first taste.


We rearranged the living room furniture a tiny bit when my parents were here.  I like it better.  Now all I need is some art and color on these walls.  Tour of Haus Miller will be forthcoming soon!  I promise!!

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