Krabbelgroupe Fasching Party

I finally found out the name of our Wednesday morning play group.  It’s called the Krabbelgroupe.  It means crawling group. I also finally found out the name of the leader on Friday at school.  One of the teachers was kind enough to tell me and write it down so I could read it.

Today’s Krabbelgroupe was a Fasching party.  Fasching is a celebration they do here in Germany similar to Carnival or Mardi Gras.  However, they tend to start the parties a month ahead of time.  We dress up for Halloween.  They dress up for Fasching.  The big “Super Wal-Targ-Mart” we go to has racks and racks of costumes like our stores do at home in October.

I saw the leader, B, at school on Friday and she told me the kids would be dressing up for Fasching at Krabbelgroupe on Wednesday.  She said we didn’t have to dress up but could if we wanted.  I told her I didn’t have any costumes for the kids.

Fast forward to Monday.  On one of the little kid morning TV shows there was a group of kids running around in cars they had made out of cardboard boxes.  I thought it was fantastic.  I knew Big Ive would love to have a car of her own.  So, I modified a diaper box and taped a tote bag on so it would have straps for her to wear the car.  She LOVED it.  We taped white paper on it so it wouldn’t be a Pamp.ers mobile.  This morning, before we went to Krabbelgroupe, I added front and rear bumpers and lights, wheels, and I drew on the door lines and door handles.  It’s a cute little car.

Big Ive car costume

Too bad Big Ive doesn’t want to wear it more than 1.5 minutes at a time.  I think if I put better shoulder straps in she would be more willing to play in it longer.

unused car costume. It was sad that it became the coat rack.

I brought her tool belt along to Krabbelgroupe in case she totally refused to wear the car.  She wore the car long enough for B and me to get a photo.  Then it sat on a chair the rest of the time.  Oh, well.  It was fun.  Everyone loved Big Ive’s auto.  They said it was super.

Little E just got to crawl around chasing balloons and toys on the play mat.

Little E playing with the toys at Krabbelgroupe

They did a little party and had a craft, too.  A couple of moms brought cake and doughnuts and coffee and tea.  It was fun.

The craft was to cut out and assemble a little paper clown.  With 2 little kids I decided to not try to cut out and glue paper.  I brought all the paper pieces home and Big Ive and I can work on it later.  B gave me her sample clown that was all finished for Little E.  She is such a nice person.

Big Ive was getting into the songs we sing today, too.  Before she hadn’t been too interested in participating.  Today she was clapping and dancing and doing the motions with us.  It was cool.  She must finally be getting used to these people and the routine.

Little E and Big Ive playing with the toys at Krabbelgroupe

Since it was raining when we left the house I had to use the stroller rain cover.  Big Ive was actually ok with leaving it down this time.  Previously she just wanted to lift it up, thus defeating the purpose of the cover.  With the rain and the cold my fingers were very cold when we got to the old school building because I forgot to wear gloves.  I put the car in a big plastic bag so it wouldn’t get ruined on the way there.  B was spectacular and offered to drive the box home and drop it off so I wouldn’t have to carry it all the way up the hill back home.  It was so nice.  Did I mention she is an extremely nice person?

No rain on the way home.  I almost dumped the stroller going down the steps of the old school building.  Kids were fine.  Stroller is fine.  I huffed it back up the hill.  Little E fell asleep (surprise, surprise, right?).  Big Ive had a snack of cheese and is now down for her nap.

A good Wednesday morning Krabbelgroupe was had by all.  : )

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