Sleep Progress

I started leaving Little E upstairs in the crib to take the mid-day nap while Big Ive is sleeping.  Until this week I would pick her up and bring her back downstairs with me while I did things down here.  She has started to not nap as well so I figure she needs to get at least one really good nap in and I better not mess it up.

I was afraid I wouldn’t hear her cry.  I’m not a fan of letting my babies cry for very long if I can help it.  So I didn’t want her all the way upstairs.  It was easier with her in the next or same room as me.

That’s progress, right?


I put both kids to bed tonight.  Big Ive woke up about an hour later calling out, “Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!”  LOML wasn’t there to tuck her in like he normally is.  I think she needed to know he was here.  It was cute.

But when she woke up hours later crying and calling out for me and not wanting to go back to sleep, that was NOT cute.  She woke up twice last night.  The first time she cried loudly so I went in and sat by her bed until she went to sleep.  The second time she was asking for her binky and it didn’t seem as serious so I didn’t get up.  A couple of minutes later she was back asleep.  I went in and put the blankets back on her.


I wish I could flip a switch and get Little E to sleep longer stretches at night.  This past week the lack of sleep has really gotten to me.  I have found myself falling asleep sitting up while feeding her in the middle of the night.  The other night I even laid back with her still on my lap and fell asleep.  I don’t remember lying backward, but I woke up that way a short time later.

Big Ive has started waking up and being really scared or something, too.  It takes a while to get her to calm down and go back to sleep.  This usually means I’m sitting up in her room next to her bed waiting for her to fall asleep.

LOML got me a new book on my e-reader.  It’s about kids and sleeping and behaving and a way of parenting.  After I read some more I’ll see if any of the techniques can be implemented in our lives to make it easier.  Hopefully.  This sleep deprivation is really getting to me.

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