It’s What We’re Eating – Beet Torte

the lowly red veggie

Cooking with Beets – Lesson 1

Buy rubber gloves to wear when handling beets.  Protect your countertops!  Otherwise it’ll look like an epic battle just took place in your kitchen and on your hands.

battle scene on the beet cutting board

Which leads me to:

Basic Cooking – Lesson 1

Don’t try to touch the oven rack in a hot oven with your bare fingers.  It hurts.  I needed this lesson earlier this evening as I tried to push the oven rack back into the oven with my thumb.  Dumb.  I’m rolling my eyes at myself for being so dumb.  I think it’s the tiredness that’s taking over my brain.  I wish this baby would sleep longer chunks at night.

Back to the beets…

I stumbled upon a beet torte recipe on the internet.  (  I’m not even sure how I managed to get here in the first place.  I wasn’t looking for beet recipes.  I’ve never cooked with beets before.  LOML and Big Ive like their pickled beets (I do, too).  He had asked me to pickle our own (we don’t have a pressure canner so I can’t).  Anyway, it looked easy enough and I could get all of the ingredients (or use substitutes).

the 'beet cake'

Beet torte.  Sorry, purple velvet torte.  Gotta sound all proper ’round here.

What is a torte anyway?  Didn’t I take a class in college about tort law or something like that?  Different tort?

This recipe is basically a flour-less chocolate cake.  Made with beets.  I’ve never made a flour-less anything dessert before.  I never understood how it could be done.  Now I know that the cocoa is the flour-like substance for this recipe.

shredded beets cooking with honey and sugar

I cooked the beets with honey and a little bit of plain old white sugar because I didn’t have enough honey to make a full cup that the recipe called for.  Well, the recipe said to use agave nectar but I had absolutely no idea where I would find that in Germany.  And I always feel like I need way more honey to achieve the same sweetness as good ol’ sugar.  I like my sweets sweet most of the time.  Mmmmm…candy….

Then they went in the blender to get a smooth puree.  Add the eggs, oil, cocoa, vanilla, salt and pour into a well-greased round cake pan.  I used a spring-form pan, which worked out really well.

We served each piece with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.  I may try this again but use sugar instead of honey and maybe add just a little bit of flour.  It was good and if you didn’t know you probably wouldn’t notice the beets.

It was surprisingly delicious.  And, it has to be at least a little bit good for me with almost 3 cups of beets in it, right?

To top it off, it was served on Valentine’s Day / Arizona Statehood Day and LOML’s co-worker came over for supper.  His wife still lives in the States, so he was alone.

over exposed picture of a slice of 'beet cake'

[[I have never used a blender so much as I have these past couple of weeks.]]

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One thought on “It’s What We’re Eating – Beet Torte

  1. Elisa says:

    My husband loves beets! I’ve always been a little afraid of them myself…….but you’ve given me a good reason to cast aside my fears. That cake looks delicious!

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