[and other daily happenings 17.02.2012]

We went to kindergarten this afternoon.  Big Ive must be making an impression on the kids because her friend J asked about when she would be coming back this week.  It made me smile to hear that.  The kids are really taking to her and playing with her more and more.  She’s still in the toddler play-by-myself stage, but she’ll walk around with kids and share things with kids.

Little E is like a great toy for the kids, too.  They LOVED playing with her this afternoon on the floor.  Since she’s crawling she would crawl over to a kid and sit and they pretended that she was trying to get them.  They would scoot back a little and she would scoot toward them.  It was cute.

Big Ive is starting to talk more.  She said “door” asking me to open it for her to leave with the baby doll stroller.  It’ll be interesting to see her vocabulary increase when she starts school.  I’ve been reading that some bilingual kids are slower to talk as they take more time to process the languages.  I predict by the end of the summer she’ll have better German than me or LOML!

She was so tired from play that she fell asleep soon into our short walk home.  Little E had fallen asleep after I fed her before we left school.  Both are still sleeping as I type this in my quiet house.

both girls zonked in the stroller

The teachers told me there is a Fasching party for the kids tomorrow afternoon.  All of the kids were dressed up today.  I didn’t know they were going to dress up so I didn’t bring Big Ive’s car costume.  : (  Bummer.  I guess we’ll have to try it out tomorrow at the party.  : )

I think it’s fun when all the German kids come up and just talk to me in German.  I can guess at some of what they’re saying using context clues and understanding the occasional word.  But most of the time I have no clue.  I do a lot of smiling, and saying “Ja”.


LOML got his red Radio Flyer wagon in the mail yesterday.  It was a late birthday present for him.  He tried to put it together but we don’t have all of the correct tools right now.  It is the kind with inflatable rubber wheels so it’ll be good for uneven terrain.  But, man, do those rubber wheels stink!  That VOC off-gassing is terrible!  It is sitting in our hallway/entryway and is smelling up the entire house.  I wish we had garage space so I could put it out of the house.  The back patio isn’t covered so I can’t put it out there where it’ll get rained and snowed on.


I gotta get those tulip bulbs planted.  Maybe LOML can help watch kids while I plant tomorrow morning.


Little E took her maiden voyage sitting up in the back seat of the stroller on Thursday.  We went up to the butcher to get ground meat and to see if they had whole chickens to buy.  (They do, but they didn’t have any at that time.)  She seemed to like it.

After the butcher we walked down the hill.  That is where the small child playground is.  Big Ive spotted it and told me we had to go swing.  Swinging we went.  She slid down the slide a couple times, but Little E wasn’t too happy about having to stay in the stroller so we left.  Big Ive wasn’t too happy about that.

We stopped at the quickie mart to pick up a couple of things.  I left both kids in the stroller outside the door while I went in.  I don’t think you could even get one of those umbrella strollers in here the isles are so small.  I purchased some gummy bears to keep Big Ive happy on the walk up the hill to our house.  She seemed ok with that.

Of course, Little E soon fell asleep on the walk up the hill.


I seem to only find Little E sleeping all the time.

You, too, can fall asleep in the middle of the floor surrounded by toys.




Big Ive decided to try out a new binky the other day.  (It’s the valve/spout of one of her sippy cups.)

(Check out the big belly on my skinny kid.)

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4 thoughts on “[and other daily happenings 17.02.2012]

  1. Kate says:

    LOL! Oh my gosh! I remember that part of her cup not being very big… I’m impressed!! Haha. She seems very pleased with herself in that 2nd photo while looking at it. Haha. I love your kids! :)
    Oh, and when did Little E become even more of a giant!? She looks sooo big sitting up in the stroller! Ahh! I’ve been gone too long already!

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