[and other daily happenings 18.02.2012]

Big Ive helped me crack eggs this morning for breakfast.  It was the first time I’ve let her hit them on the table and then get her fingers in there to break the shell apart.  She only crushed one egg on the table and not in the bowl.

After she crushed that egg in her hands they were full of egg liquid.  She is the kind of kid that does NOT like dirty hands.  She started to freak out about the sticky egg on her hands until I showed and told her that mine were full of egg, too.  After that, she went on being happy cracking the rest of the eggs with me.  We probably cracked too many, but she was having so much fun I couldn’t stop her.  All 10 eggs were made into breakfast this morning.


LOML finished putting together the red wagon.  He had to borrow a wrench; ours tools are in the car which is still at the mechanic’s shop.  He tried out Landlord first; they weren’t home.  He tried our military friends across the street; they weren’t home.  So, he grabbed the empty bottles and walked up to our village Getränke to see if he had a wrench we could borrow.  Mr. R. was very happy to help LOML out, but his house was at the bottom of the hill.  So, LOML and Mr. R. walked down there to get the wrench.  LOML left his instructions at the Getränke so they walked back up together to get them.  Once back to our house, he put the wagon together with LOTS of “help” from Big Ive.

"helping" dad with the wagon assembly

Then then took it on its first outing up the hill to return the wrench to Mr. R.  And to return the glass beer bottles for deposit.


Kinder Fasching party in village was fun.  Had a fellow band member and her family come sit next to us at a table.  It was nice to have someone from the village choose to sit by us when there were lots of other places and people they could have say by.  We got to meet her husband and 2 kids, too.  LOML got to meet some people I know, including one of the Kindergarten teachers.  Big Ive got to run. A lot.

The other kids had small bags of paper confetti they were throwing around at each other and us.  Big Ive did not like it when she got some on her.  She tried to clean up the floor, too.  She would pick up little bits one by one and bring them to LOML or me.  A little girl threw a handful on me and Big Ive was very concerned about cleaning me up when she noticed my confetti.

Little E got to bounce and baby pterodactyl scream to her heart’s content.  Big Ive’s costume was a bust.  It didn’t stay on right so she asked for it off a minute after I got it on her.  Bummer.


Cooked kick-ass baked chicken tenders for supper.  Both LOML and I wanted more.  Big Ive didn’t want to take a bite at first.  I shoved a small bit in her mouth so she’d get a taste of the goodness and then she ate more.  An ‘It’s What We’re Eating’ post forthcoming…


Big Ive is going through a binky addiction phase.  She was almost done with it, except to sleep and now it’s in her mouth almost all day.  She whines and screams and cries for it when she doesn’t have it in her mouth all day.  I don’t want to deal with the screaming when I try to not let her have it.  She tries to talk with it in and I don’t let that fly.  It’s annoying.


Little E has been crawling for 10 days now and she has managed to pull herself up to standing by the toy box.  That can only mean she’ll be an early walker, too.  We’re in for it now.  She has reached to the top of the coffee table to get Big Ive’s sippy cup.  She will try to crawl and climb up you when you’re sitting on the floor.  And then she falls and smacks her head on the floor and screams.  At least she’s getting better at rolling into her falls resulting in less screaming.

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