[and other daily happenings 21.02.2012]

Yesterday Big Ive took the ring of plastic toy keys and tried each one about 3 or 4 of our doors and her bed.  It was cute.  I’ve never seen her do that before.  She’s starting to do more and more pretend play.  It is fascinating to watch.


Big Ive will do something (like jump) and it will get Little E into the biggest giggle fit.  No one else can get her to giggle and laugh as much as Big Ive can.  I love it.  I’ll admit that I ask Big Ive to jump and make Little E laugh more than once a day.  : )


Little E is now trying to climb up anything she can.  She has managed to reach cups and toys on the coffee table.  She tried to scale our bookshelf one day.  She has tried to get up on Big Ive’s little kid chairs.  She climbs the toy boxes.

sisters. Actually, Little E was coming over to try to "help" Big Ive "read" her book. Big Ive did not like that idea so much.


I ordered quinoa, dried mangos, butter toffee cashews and some chocolate from nuts.com (formerly nutsonline.com) on Thursday.  LOML just emailed to say they had already been delivered at his office.  It’s only Tuesday.  These people are fantastic getting orders out and quickly.  They send it regular mail and it still manages to get here faster than any other package.  I should ask their secret.


Little E does not like baby food.  I have stopped trying to get her to eat anything that is traditional first baby foods.  She is getting whatever vegetable or fruit we have at the table during the day.  I’ve given her some bread and plain pasta, too.  So far, she’s a fan of green beans, broccoli, grapes, sweet potato, carrot, peas.  Pretty much none of these are mashed up, either.  She prefers to just mush small cooked bits in her mouth.  Maybe she just doesn’t like the spoon.  Not sure.

It doesn’t matter to me if I feed her nutritious fruits and veggies instead of icky tasting grain baby cereal.  The book I’ve been reading about French parenting says they start their babies on yummy fruits and veggies, too.  I figure in lots of places around the world rice cereal doesn’t even exist and they are feeding their kids the local spicy fare.

This kid just like to eat.  (Did I ever tell you how she gained nearly 6 pounds her first month?)  She still likes to breastfeed about every 2 hours almost around the clock (occasionally she’ll give me a few more hours at night or in the middle of the day).  I’m working on stretching that to 3 hours for now and then to 4.  While I believe she may actually be hungry after 2 hours, I’m hoping by distracting her or playing with her it’ll teach her to ignore that little hunger.  And that she doesn’t need to eat that very minute to survive.


In other good news, I am fitting nicely into pants that did not fit before I got pregnant with Little E.  I guess this eat whatever you want, whenever you want (including bread and chocolate and butter) diet is working.  I think it’s all the chasing after 2 little kids, up and down 2 flights of stairs in our house, pushing a 70-80 lb stroller up and down all the hills in our village.  A good start on my goal of being about 2 more sizes smaller.  I think it’s attainable and this gives me hope.


Little E is trying to figure out how to clap her hands.  She will watch us clap and grab her hands and raise and lower them.  She started banging 2 toys together in her hands this week, too.  My little baby is growing up so fast right now.


LOML and I were talking about how both of the kids are growing so much right now.  They’re both going through developmental milestones in light-years, it seems.

Big Ive is picking up words left and right (English, German and sign language).  I told her to say please to me and she said bitte.  When we tell her to say thank you she says her version of the German danke and signs it.  It’s fun to see her interpret which words in which language to say.  And it’s interesting to try to figure out her version of the spoken words.  Little kids just aren’t able to correctly say words the first time they try.  I wonder how long she’ll say her version of the words before she starts to say them correctly.  I remember for the longest time she would look at my earrings of necklaces and I would ask if she liked my pretties.  She would say Wow, instead of pretty.  It was stinkin’ cute.

The German equivalent of goodbye is tschüss, which sounds like juice.  Big Ive knows the sign for juice (make a J in the air with your pinky).  So when we ask her to say tschüss, she says and signs juice.  It’s funny.  Just yesterday she said the most clear tschüss I have heard along with a wave instead of a juice sign.  She is definitely figuring out this language thing.


Big Ive likes to help cover Little E up with a blanket when I’m feeding her.  She is very intent on tucking the blanket around her.  Unfortunately, she usually only gets one leg covered.  : )  It’s really cute.

She just pretended to put her binky in her baby doll’s mouth this morning.  Basically, I love this kid.

Big Ive "reading" her book. She decided to do this all by herself.


Little E is a thumb sucker.  She found her thumb when she was 3 months old and hasn’t wanted anything since.  Occasionally I can get her to suck on a binky, but that’s only until she gets her hands up there to take it out of her mouth and chew on it.  She thinks binkys are chew toys.

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