First Haircut! [and other daily happenings 24.02.2012]

This morning Big Ive has decided she wants to sit on the potty.  It’s usually right after she’s peed in her diaper.  But that’s a step in the right direction for potty training, right?


Because I couldn’t resist this photo.  I think she’s cute even if she was pissed off at the time.  : )


We are all sick with colds.  Again.  It really sucks.  Big Ive came down with it on Wednesday.  Little E and I followed suit Thursday.  Today (Friday) we’re all in the thick of it.  We weren’t able to go to Krabbelgroupe on Wednesday and we’re not able to go to Kindergarten today.  Kinda’ sad about that.

It’s bound to happen sooner or later.  When kids enter the “herd” of other children they get sick.  And they bring it home for their parents and other siblings.  I don’t think it would matter if they started daycare from a few months old, pre-school at age 3, Kindergarten, homeschooled until high school; they would eventually come down with all these stupid illnesses.

Whatever it is, we’re in it now. No backing out.

Sunday, and we’re still all sick.  Transformed into the cough from the runny noise death feeling.  At least I don’t feel like I’m dieing today.


Big Ive watched everything we do.  EVERYTHING.  She attempted to cut up a slice of quiche yesterday using the side of her fork like we adults would do.  She was wielding that fork like she’d been doing that move for years.  Except that she didn’t put enough pressure on the quiche and it didn’t cut.  It’s crazy, when I stop to think about it, how much kids learn just by watching us do normal, every day things around the house.  She likes to try to use the vacuum.  She tries to ‘clean’ around here.  Usually it’s just pushing crumbs from one place to another, but I appreciate her enthusiasm about it.


Little E is trying to figure out how to clap her hands.  It is beyond cute to watch her watching us do it.  She’s mostly in the grasp hands together and raise and lower, like she’s celebrating a victory, stage.  Yesterday and today I’ve noticed one hand hitting the other, like she does with 2 toys.  I shouldn’t compare, but Big Ive didn’t learn to clap until after she was 9 months old.


Little E looks like she’s going to stand up and walk every time she goes to sit herself upright from crawling.  She gets on her hands and feet and then does a little twist and leg bend and then she’s sitting.  But for a half a second it always looks like she’s going to just stand up.


I had a whole menu planned out for this week and I think I’ve cooked 1 meal that was planned.  Last night LOML got us döner kabobs for supper.  I was so tired from needy sick kids there’s no way I could have gotten a meal on the table.


Little E is no longer my sleepy baby.  Since she started crawling she has decided to wake up.  For the longest time she would sleep most of the day and the night, not having too many waking hours during the day.  I no longer find her asleep on the pillows in the corner of the room.  She used to scoot over there and just fall asleep.  Now she’s too interested in toys and getting around.


I gave Big Ive her first haircut on Saturday.  She had a little bit of hair that didn’t fall out from when she was born and was longer than the rest.  It was a natural mullet.


LOML has been asking me to cut it for a couple months now.  I wasn’t ready to do it, yet.  I was afraid I would cut all her curls off.  I was trying to wait until her 2nd birthday.  She is 22 months old, so we almost made it.  The hair on the sides of her face is still short.  It grew out a tiny bit about the time Little E was born — enough that you could finally see it — and now it has stopped.

I think it’s super cute.  She looks so much more grown up.  And so far it’s  looking like it’s still curly.



Big Ive grabbed a box of soy milk out of the pantry by herself.  She must have been thirsty.  She took it to the coffee table, opened it, and drank some.  She managed to get that little silver tab off all by herself, too.  I was impressed with that and a little upset about the self-serve milk.

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