[and other daily happenings 28.02.2012]

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m amazed at the progress in Big Ive’s language skills each day.  She is trying to say more real words all the time.  And more words are coming out clearly each day, too.  She’s picking up words that we aren’t asking her to say.

She came up to me asking for help with a mega block person.  It’s a doctor lady wearing a doctor’s jacket.  She wanted to take the jacket off.  But, it’s a part of the molded plastic.  I told her it was a doctor and so she wears a jacket and can’t take it off.  She looked at me kind of funny


Little E is getting to be a really good fast crawler.  It used to take her 5 minutes to get from the living room to the kitchen.  Now she’s by me in the kitchen in less than a minute.  The slick tile floors are getting to be no match for her any longer.

She’s getting more and more daring by the day trying to pull herself up to standing.  Unfortunately, most of the time it doesn’t work out so well for her.  Her balance is terrible and she tends to fall and smack her head on the ground or whatever it is she’s climbing on.

Speaking of smacking her head on things… The dear child whacked the radiator corner with her forehead and got a nice purple bruise as a prize.

bruise day 1

bruise day 3

LOML called her the all-terrain baby as she was going over a mound of pillows and toys this weekend and making quick work of it.  A week ago she would have been baricaded by the smallest of objects.


We’ve back slid with the sleep for Little E this past week as we’ve all been sick.  This has been one really crappy cold.  I’ve been really sick–probably worse than the girls.  She’s waking up every 2ish hours to eat or be fussy.  I’m tired and sick and don’t want to try to get her back to sleep without feeding her so I’ve been giving in a feeding her just about every time she wakes.  I’m just starting to feel a little better today so maybe we’ll start work on it again tonight.


Feeding Little E solid foods is not a top priority for me.  It’s difficult to do it when we don’t have a high chair to tie her into.  I’m still working on getting LOML to think my $250 high chair is a good buy.  ((Along with the 500 euro stroller…))

Here she is attempting to feed herself cheerios (or the German cereal equivalent of Cheerios).

She is the kind of baby that tries to eat every little thing she finds on the ground.  Big Ive was not that way so it’s a new thing for us to be more vigilant with cleaning every little thing from the floor often.


Little E is starting to let her temper show.  She gets pretty pissed when she can’t do something or when someone isn’t there actively engaging her all the time.  I’ve started to let her fuss a little bit to see if she’d figure out how to entertain herself.  And it’s working.  Yesterday she was upset about a toy or something.  I checked to make sure she was ok and hadn’t fallen over.  She was fine.  I let her get a little mad and fussy, but a couple minutes later she was happy and cooing again.  She found another toy or something else to occupy her.


Big Ive took all of her castle animals and rocked them one by one saying, “A-baby, a-baby”.  Then she placed them on the floor in a neat orderly line.  The picture of the animals in a row is after she got up and messed them up a little, but you can still see the row she put them in.


And some more pictures because I can.  : )

Little E almost standing up on her own. I swear one day she's just going to right herself and start walking.

Big Ive's crazy hair one day. Not entirely sure how it managed to get that way. Probably a combination of fork covered in food and water.

Big Ive and the beer scarf from the Getränke.

Big Ive grabbed this scarf, put it around her neck and said, “Bye! Tschüss!”, and waved at me heading toward the door.

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2 thoughts on “[and other daily happenings 28.02.2012]

  1. Amanda says:

    I love these pictures!! I can’t believe how big the girls are getting – and so fast!!!

    • hausmiller says:

      Thanks! I’m trying to get a few good photos of them just about every day. You wouldn’t believe how hard that is with 2 moving objects!
      It’s amazing how quickly children turn from itty bitty babies to walking and talking people.

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