Parenting Wins, Under Table Traffic Lanes, Reasoning With A Toddler [and other daily happenings 01.03.2012]

So, Little E was crawling up my leg as I was trying to change Big Ive’s diaper.  I look at her with a firm big eyed look that is serious and say No firmly.  What does she do?  She looks at me for 2 seconds and then busts into the biggest Little E grin.  She thinks it’s HILARIOUS when I am seriously scolding her.  I can’t help but laugh when she does that.  How do you not laugh when they are So Utterly Freakin’ CUTE?!?!

stealing binky

Little E has gotten a lot better at crawling on the tile portion of the floors.  Before she would get to the edge of the rug and kind of stop, not wanting to try to move on the slick tile.  Now she motors along like it’s no difference at all.  Our dining table has chairs that line up on the sides of the table.  This makes 3 tunnels under the table for crawling baby traffic.  Little E has decided this is her preferred path to the kitchen to get me.  Big Ive noticed Little E doing this and has started to crawl under the chairs through the traffic lines just like Little E.

stolen! (also note bruise day 5)

It is so funny when Big Ive starts mimicking Little E–actions or noises.  I love these kids.  :)

Big Ive was crawling half way under the table when I was trying to get her to wipe her nose.  She would crawl just enough so I could reach her with my outstretched arms and then quickly crawl back before I could wipe her nose.  I stood up and ran around the table; she dove under the chair and tried to crawl away from me quickly, but MomMom was too quick this time.  Big Ive thought it was the best game and burst into fits of giggles.


They both went down for a nap really well today and about 15 minutes apart, which works out pretty well.  Little E fell asleep down stairs with us and I ask Big Ive to help me bring her up so she can sleep in her bed upstairs.  Big Ive seems to think this is always a fantastic idea to help mom with the baby.  Little E in the crib fast asleep, then it’s time to get Big Ive down.  She tries to fight it a little bit.  A few days ago — last week, maybe? — I explained to her that she needs to take a good nap and sleep so she can grow, that her body needs good sleep to grow big.  She looked at me with big eyes and nodded her head and fell asleep very easily with no fight.  Just about every day since at nap time it has been easy.  I just remind her that she needs good sleep so she can grow and she seems to understand.

When they were both asleep I got in the shower.  When I got out I heard Little E rustling around in her crib in the other room.  She was making happy noises so I wasn’t going to bother her.  I watched for a while as she rolled over, played with her soft stuffed puppy that she loves, play with the mesh side of the pack and play.  After a little bit I heard thumb sucking noises.  Sure enough, she rolled over, started sucking her thumb and put herself back to sleep.  There was no way she was ready to get up from this nap; it hadn’t even been an hour.  I checked on her and roller her over a little bit to make sure she wasn’t pinching the arm underneath her and put the blanket on her a little bit.  As I type this 45 minutes later I haven’t heard a peep from her.  Parenting win right there.  : )


car seat

I’ve learned in the past couple weeks that if I can get Big Ive to stop crying / whining / screaming long enough to explain what it is I need to do or she needs to do, she’s usually ok with it.  And it’s usually something she wants to do or get, anyway.  It happens if I can’t get the thing she wants immediately.  There is a step or a few steps to get what she wants.  When she stops making noise and listens she understands and goes along with it.  Just because she can’t say many words doesn’t mean she can’t understand a logical sequence of events.  This is kind of one of the ideas in that French parenting book.  You believe your child is a rational human being from the beginning and can understand what you say when you speak to them.

Big Ive the box lady. There are numerous photos of me as a child in boxes, so the tradition continues another generation.

So talking with her as a full person hasn’t stopped the tantrums from starting in the first place, but it does usually extinguish them very quickly.  I’d call that a parenting win, too.

"no, no"


I was rocking the Haus Frau gig yesterday.  Some days it feels like you can’t get anything done.  Other days it seems like you can cross off many items from the to-do list.  I finally felt better after this nasty cold and got a number of things done.  I was able to get laundry done, rouladen rolled in the early afternoon (so it could go on the stove later…takes an hour to cook), dishes washed, toys picked up, babies bathed (which wasn’t planned…Big Ive gave Little E a soy milk bath in the living room).

I even made a pan of brownies with Big Ive’s help.  She cracked the eggs for me.  She would crack one and then quickly look up and me saying and signing, “More?!”  She didn’t think it was the best reason that the recipe only called for 3 eggs this time, but she went along with little protestation.

The brownie mix box came with it’s own pan!  A paper pan!  I’ve never seen such a thing before.  So I photographed it.  : )

paper pan 1

paper pan 2

paper pan 3

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