[and other daily happenings 03.03.2012]

Friday night at band practice was a lot of fun for me.  The director speaks pretty good English, but keeps apologizing for his poor English all the time.  I try to keep reassuring him to not worry.  There’s no way I can complain as his English is about 1.5 million times better than my German.

There is one song that I have a run of 32nd notes that no one else has.  He came over to talk to me about that exposed part.  He said it’s important because it’s only me.  But he didn’t know how to say 32nd notes in English.  The flute player sitting next to me translated half of it and said, “Thirty two-tle (thirty tootle)”.  Everyone laughed.  I guess in German the ‘nd’ part is ‘tle’.  I think I will laugh for a long time about thirty tootle notes.

I’m always worried the girls will have a freak simultaneous meltdown when I go to rehearsals on Friday nights.  LOML is an excellent dad and completely capable of handing the kids.  I just feel bad that he doesn’t have me there to help during the difficult bedtime period, when the kids are most cranky anyway.  I always appreciate the extra help during those times.


Little E pulled herself up to standing by this blue chair all by herself.


Big Ive said the word “pray” for the first time today (Saturday).  We’ve been praying with her at bedtime and before meals for a while, but this was the first time she’s said the word.

She has been saying ta-da a lot recently, too.  But she doesn’t say the leading T so it comes out Ah-dah.  It’s really cute.

Her version of ‘mess’ doesn’t include the Ss.  Similar to the way her version of ‘bath’ doesn’t include the TH.

She just started to verbally say ‘more’.  But it comes out closer to something like moarh, elongated and loud.  She always says it very loudly.   She’s really cute when she’s doing some activity and will come up and excitedly ask for more.  We were walking around by the Metzgerei yesterday after my band rehearsal and she was walking on the low stone wall around the bench I was sitting on.  When she got around the bench she would look up at me asking in sign and speech, “More?!”

I’ve started signing more with her again as it is the time for Little E to start learning it.

Monday morning I was getting her dressed and asked if she wanted to wear the pink ones and she said pink ones.  It’s really fun to hear the words she chooses to try to say each day.

Sunday morning crazy hair


At Kindergarten on Friday afternoon Big Ive’s friend, J, cam up to me and told me in German that Big Ive was in the bathroom washing her hands in the sinks.  He only speaks German and said something like “Big Ive … wäscht ihre Hände.” I may not speak much German but I definitely understood he was telling me she was in the bathroom using every sink to wash her hands. And get her shirt and the floor soaked. I caught her in there another time, too.  She ended up using 2 of the Kindergarten’s spare shirts as she got her’s soaked.

It was good to know I can understand the tiniest bit of German.  LOML and I are trying to make the effort to use the language software more often each week.  It is so easy to choose to do other things with your time in the evenings once the kids are both asleep.  It is usually our time to fall back on the sofas and relax after going through the stressful supper time and bedtime hours.  It’s finally quiet and it seems like the best choice is to veg in front of the TV with a glass of wine or beer or schorle, doing nothing.

sisters swapped pants -- 6mo old in 2T and 22mo old in 12mo !

Little E wearing Big Ive's 2T pants

Big Ive wearing Little E's 12mo pants


Sunday afternoon I baked soft pretzels, which turned out really good.  They aren’t as good as real German soft pretzels.  But real ones require the use of food grade lye, which is extremely caustic, something I don’t really want to experiment with here at home.  These were dipped in a baking soda water solution.  Next time I try them I’ll dip longer and use more baking soda to see if it gets closer.  LOML has the camera with those photos so I’ll have to update later with pretzel photos.

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