Mostly My Thoughts… [and other daily happenings 07.03.2012]

Big Ive tipped back in her chair this evening at dinner and smacker her head on the tile floor.  It made both LOML and I have a mini heart attack.  I’m still worried about her 2.5 hours later.  She cried for a long time and has a lump on the back of her head.  I iced it for a little bit.  After a while she stopped crying and just sat in my lap watching TV, not moving much.  She was awake and responding to us when we asked her questions.  After a little bit one of her favorite commercials came on and she started dancing to the music.  She played a little.  She acted mostly normal, but a little bit off.  We just put her down to bed.  It worries me that something will happen to her.  I think I’ll check on her before going to bed myself, wake her up just to make sure she’s ok.  I may not like having to deal with the consequences of waking her, but it’ll give me peace of mind.

*****ED: Woke Big Ive up before going to bed. She rubbed her eyes and scratched her hair, like she always does, not wanting to wake up. She called Mamma in the middle of the night (didn’t fully wake up), almost fell out of bed in the early morning (I put her back in), and woke up just fine at 6:30am. Her head is sore, though.  I’m very thankful that she is doing ok.  It is a scary time as a parent when your child gets injured.


LOML put together the new high chair he ordered online for us tonight.  Big Ive was so excited about it.  She climbed in it and buckled herself in.  LOML put the tray on for her.  When he took it off to finish the last little bit she got weepy and really upset that she wouldn’t be able to sit in it.  She did NOT want to be ok with the idea that it was for Little E and not her.  We told her she could use it in the morning when she ate her yogurt for breakfast.  That seemed to be ok to her.

Little E sat in the high chair at dinner tonight and was ecstatic about sitting there.  She ate the cheerio cereal we put on the tray and made her super happy noises.  It was so nice for both LOML and I to not have to try to hold her and eat our meal with one hand, fending off the grabby baby.  I think she liked to be at our height and to be able to see all of us.  She liked feeding herself green bean bits, too.


We now own 2 cars!  LOML purchased a VW station wagon on Monday.  We’ve been without a car for 2.5 weeks because ours has been in the shop.  Monday night (05Mar) we went on our first family grocery trip in about a month.  I thought it was so nice to get out of the house and out of our village.  We went to Globus, the WalMart/Super Target-ish store.  In the past we’ve only managed to get there on Friday nights or Saturdays when it is packed and super crazy.  There was no rushed feeling.  We weren’t herded by all the people.  The girls seemed to do better, too.  Big Ive got a little antsy near the end before we checked out because she was hungry.  Getting bratwurst for supper at their food court fixed that.


I’ve been getting up earlier this week, so I feel more tired.  And Little E has been sleeping very poorly, waking up every 2ish hours.  Sometimes I’m just so tired at night I don’t even try to get her back to sleep without feeding her.  It is easier to give her the boob and make her sleep.  I know.  I know.  I need to stick with the sleep training.

On the other hand, I like getting up before the kids are up.  It helps me to start my day in a better mood.  Back in the day I was the one to get up first and have the quiet house to myself before LOML woke up.  I really enjoy that quiet morning time and look forward to that in the future.  I keep telling myself it’ll happen when I start to get full nights of sleep.


Been thinking a lot and I’m not sure how much I want to share publicly on the blog.  But, I have the urge to write about it.

Christmas letter will soon be up.  It’ll be password protected, so you’ll have to contact me for the password if you want to read it.


Random Thought:
I love the herb rosemary.  I love Love LOVE rosemary.  My parents have it planted by their street in their neighborhood.  When you open your door and walk past when you’ve parked on the street you get that awesome wiff of fresh rosemary.  It grows like a weed in Arizona.  The DOT uses it as landscaping because it requires little water to keep it looking nice.  I planted one in my front yard and water it very irregularly (read, a few times a year) and it’s still growing and growing.

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