Kindergarten, the High Chair and Mittagsschlaf [and other daily happenings 09.03.2012]

Little E was a big hit again today at Kindergarten.  The kids ask for Big Ive during the week, too, mind you.  They all want to play with her when we get there.  But, when Little E comes out and is awake and happy and interacting, she steals the show by playing the little baby card.

I had her on the floor on the rug in one of the classrooms.  She was crawling around, trying to get to all the toys that I was trying to keep her from.  The kids were playing with her — tickling her, giving her toys, pretending she was after them when she would crawl around, trying to hold her.  They were fascinated by her.  It’s like the best toy in there.  There must have been 6 of them around me, but not Big Ive.  She was off playing in the toy kitchen room with her big friends.  I guess she gets enough of Little E at home all day.  : )


The blonde boy is Big Ive’s friend, J.

Big Ive tried to put a puzzle together.  She doesn’t understand, yet, that the pieces only go in a certain way.  I tried to show her that the picture needed to line up, but she didn’t seem to care about that.  2 of her big friends at Kindergarten helped put it together.

Big Ive’s friend, J, was talking with me and I was able to understand a word here or there.  That’s a huge improvement for me and my German.  I still call it baby German.  I know a handful of nouns and about 3 useful sentences.  It’s fun at the Kindergarten because I can ask what things are and they’ll tell me the German words.  I’ll tell them the English words.  They seem to like to try to roll the English words around on their tongues.  It’s a fun little game.  The kids that speak some English feel very proud of themselves when they know the English words and understand what I’m saying.

Another little girl put these puzzles together and Big Ive took them one by one over to the window to sit by the big one that was already there.  My neurotic child had to make the rest match.

As I was putting Little E in the stroller to leave, Big Ive went in the other classroom.  There was one little boy in there, probably not much older than she.  Something happened and he was looking sad and upset at Big Ive.  I told her to say sorry and give him a hug.  She gave him a hug and instinctively took her binky out to give him a kiss on the lips because that’s what she does with her sister when she needs to apologize.  It was incredibly cute to see two little humans hugging.  He looked a little bit less upset after she hugged him, but I’m not sure he was completely convinced.


The brand new high chair is a big hit in our house.  Little E loves being up high and able to see everything.  I love that I can lay food out for her to feed herself and I’m not straining my back holding her and trying to feed her.  Big Ive loves to sit in it and eat breakfast.  She also likes to try to scale the backside of it like a ladder.  And to buckle and unbuckle the seat straps endlessly.  She does that with the baby buggy at Kindergarten, too.

Big Ive was being helpful yesterday giving Little E some cereal to eat.  She dumped her small container of cheerios onto her play kitchen plate and brought that over to Little E in the high chair.  That didn’t work out so well; moments later every piece of cereal was on the floor.

I laughed when I saw her bring her toy plate full of cheerios over.  It was so cute, helpful, thoughtful, nice, heartfelt and funny-toddler-action all in one.  Big Ive really loves her little sister.  And wants to make sure she is eating enough.  : )


8am Mittagsschlaf (naptime) . . .

. . . can only be helped by a loving older sister . . .

. . . but a kiss and a “Shh, shh, baby” will make it all . . .

. . . better.

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