Village Soccer Match, Family Style

Here is what it looks like when an American family attends the local village’s soccer match at their home field.  We’re the guys in yellow.  We won.

Little E enjoying the game with dad.

Big Ive enjoying the game with dad, up close to the action.

They have this neat kid’s soccer pitch next to the adult full-size field.  It has these short walls so the ball goes out of bounce less often.  Big Ive LOVED it in there.  My friend from band said they went 1 time with their boys without a ball.  Never again.  We are SO getting Big Ive a ball this weekend now that we have a car again.

She love, Love, LOVED kicking the ball around in here.  Most of the kids were super nice to her and let her use their balls, too.  I love these Germans and our village.

Sometimes she just stood there watching the other kids.

Little E enjoying all the action.  Soon after this she got pissed about being stuck in her carrier that I had to hold her the rest of the time we were there.  She’s heavy, if you couldn’t tell by all the chub.

Enjoying the bratwurst specialty.  Schneiden.  : )

Feeding Mom.

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