[and other daily happenings 11.03.2012]

We went to church this morning, the early service.  It was really nice to be back in church.  We haven’t really gone since moving here due to various reasons (traveling, illness, no car).  We had tried the 11am service previously, but it is too close to naptime and the 9am service seemed to work better this morning.

Big Ive was happy to dance and walk around before the service started.  She  either stood by LOML or I or was in our arms during the rest of the beginning songs.  The first time we went to church she decided to lay in the aisle.  It was strange and funny.  She didn’t do that today.  She was actually content to sit in my lap eating crackers or on LOML’s lap paging through the bible for a good portion of the sermon.  She did get restless and noisy so we ended up taking her to the back.  Little E soon cried out and I had to take her to the back, too.  The girls and I went in the toddler room and played.  I left Big Ive after a bit and she was fine for a while, until she realized I wasn’t there (even thought I told her I was leaving).  Then she cried with the whimpering and big tears.  It only took her about 30 seconds to calm down after I got in the room, so I’m not terribly convinced of the magnitude of her tears.  : )

After church we went to LOML’s co-workers French bakery.  His co-worker works there on the weekends.  They make cakes and sweets and also chocolates.  MmmmmmMmmm, chocolate.  Specifically, French chocolate.  Ya’ll, I’m addicted.  I admit it.  I was never a chocolate fan until I got pregnant with Little E.  And now I’m a super fan after having that amazing chocolate from Paris.  Obviously, LOML and I stocked up on chocolate this morning at the bakery.  We were able to park right in front of the shop, so while the girls both stayed sound asleep we went in to buy our goods.  A slice of some cherry cake, a slice of some sort of chocolate mouse cake, ciabatta bread loaf, fleur de sel caramel chocolate bar, little flavored chocolates or various kinds, a few chocolate Easter candies for Big Ive.  Quite the haul.

We got home and noticed one of the chocolates was melting all over the other chocolates.  LOML decided that we had to eat the melty chocolates immediately.  I concurred.  They were hazelnut ones.  Yum.


LOML and Big Ive played with her new soccer ball outside on our back patio this afternoon.  We got her the ball yesterday (Saturday), along with new sneakers that she’ll need when she started Kindergarten after she turns 2.  That kid still has fat feet.  We tried to get some cool shoes with elastic “laces” onto her feet and it was a challenge.  Needless to say, we didn’t buy that pair for her.  She now has nice velcro sneakers that look very European.

Little E standing up on the widow watching Big Ive and dad play with the new soccer ball outside.  She SO wanted to join them.

I also got my white collared shirt for my village band concert coming up this Saturday.  I’m so excited for my first concert with the band!  LOML and the girls are coming.  The concert starts at 8pm, which is their usual bedtime.  Little E won’t take a bottle, so we can’t be apart that long.  I hope the kids are good for LOML while I’m playing.

I wonder if the new reeds I ordered will arrive in time…

Notice Big Ive using the broom on the patio.


Today LOML and I are starting a new resolution, if you will.  We now have a car so we went to church, which is the first thing on our list.  Go to church every Sunday possible.  The church may not be everything we hope would be in a church, but it is a good one.  And we just need to make the most out of it, putting more effort into the teaching and digging deeper ourselves.

The next thing is to devote at least 2 nights a week after the kids go to sleep to work on Rosetta Stone.  I came up with the idea of one of us being responsible to the bedtime routine for both kids while the other gets to work on the software.  We’ll see how it works.  I’m sure it’ll be difficult for the first week or 2, but if we keep chugging along it should become routine and get easier.  At least that’s what I hope will happen.

It’s hard to do Rosetta Stone when you are sleeping with a toddler on top of you.


I made a roasted chicken and squash soup for supper tonight.  I am really struggling with lack of sleep lately and it showed in my cooking tonight.  The chicken took F O R E V E R to finish cooking and I totally forgot to put the herbs in the soup while it was cooking.  My brain is tired.  LOML was talking with his family on Skype while I prepared the food, so maybe the distraction of listening to the conversations messed up my cooking…?  Maybe…?  At least they still tasted good.  Not the best, but not terrible.  Big Ive ate the soup and liked it.

Roasted chicken before shot.  Note the chunks of butter under the skin.  Equals super yum.  LOML calls it breast augmentation.  : )
No after shot because it took forever to cook and didn’t look as good as it could have.

ED: I gave Little E a small taste of the soup warmed up for lunch today (Monday) and she LOVED it.  No bitter beer face at all!


One of Big Ive’s new words is “ta-da”.  But she says it “Ah-dah”.  She will remove a napkin from something and yell out Ah-Dah and think she’s so cleaver.  It is adorable.  We think she said, “Baby’s sleeping” this evening because we kept saying that to her.  I don’t usually hear the soft S sound from her, so it caught my ear.

Illegal computer usage by a toddler. 
She climbed up on the chair, put the headphones on and started using the mouse.  This kid is too smart.

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