This Morning’s Walk

We took a walk this morning down the hill to the quickie mart to get some fresh soft pretzels.  They didn’t have any regular pretzels left this morning, so I bought a cheese and pumpkin seed one and bread that is similar to pretzel, but not actually pretzel.

Sisters.  Little E is touching Big Ive’s finger.

It’s always a bit of work to get them both ready to go outside since it’s still cold out.  Feed Little E.  Change both kids’ diapers.  Different thicker pants for Little E.  Socks for Big Ive.  Jackets and shoes on both.  Up the stairs and into the stroller.  Can’t forget the house key, mobile phone and camera.  Oh, and a jacket for mom.

Big Ive wanted to go out the back door as we were getting ready.  I usually have 3 throw pillows on the floor by that door and she was throwing them out of the way so we could open the door.  She was thinking we were going to go on the back patio and kick her new ball around, like she’s been doing with LOML this weekend.  At first she was disappointed that we weren’t going out back.  But then, she got excited when I told her we were going out the front door.

Down to the quickie mart we walked.  I would say it takes about 7ish minutes to walk down the hill with 2 babies in a stroller at a leisurely pace to get there.  They have a nice selection of freshly baked goods in the mornings.  Not much is left if you go in the afternoons.

My German toddler can’t get enough of her bratwurst.  It was lunch.  I know the photos are out of order for my story.

Bratwurst or Kinder toy.  Bratwurst or Kinder toy.  Hard decision.

BigIve was really good and listened well in the store so I got her a kinder egg.  She LOVES those things.  She wanted to open and eat it right in the store, so I told her we had to pay for it before we could open it.  She was patient and happy to wait to pay for it.  As soon as I got her in the stroller the wrapper was off and she was chowing down on chocolate.

Smelling the flowers.

She wanted to walk up the hill with me.  She’s a good little helper pushing the stroller.  We came to this house by a fountain and stopped for a bit.  Big Ive had to walk on the little wall around the fountain a few times.  Then we played and ran around the fountain.  Then we stopped to look at all the pretty little purple flowers springing up from the ground.  This house has tons of them in their flower beds by the street.

Spring . . .

. . . is . . .

. . . here.

Big Ive and I walked all the way up the hill.  Then we went to the road to go to the back of our house so we could go visit our (landlady’s) chickens.  BigIve’s friend from Krabbelgrouppe was there with his Oma feeding the hens lettuce.  We had a little conversation — she only in German and me almost only in English with a few German nouns thrown in.  We seemed to understand enough of the other.  She took “salat” today.  I usually bring “brot”.  She said salat and brot are both good to bring.  I think she said her grandson was kind of in a mood today and wouldn’t say hallo.  Which was fine because Big Ive didn’t say hallo, either.  Kids kind of bridge that language gap, too.  Big Ive wanted to get our fresh pretzels out to feed the chickens, but I told her we were going to eat those.

The neighbor behind us decorated their tree with little plastic colorful Easter eggs.  Big Ive thought that was just great.  She was so pleased with herself when she figured out how to touch the blue one if she walked up the hill a tiny bit.

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