Happy Pi Day! [and other daily happenings 14.03.2012]

Happy pi day!  π = 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510…  Since I didn’t get a post up on Leap Day I am making sure I’m getting my pi day post up!  Ha!

Square and round quiches for pi day:


Big Ive said ‘down’ like ‘noun’.  I smiled and made her say it again so I could hear it again.


When it’s time for bed Big Ive will start walking to the door to go upstairs, usually with either my or LOML’s hand in her hand.  She then says to the other of us, “Come on”.  Somehow, in toddler-speak, come on gets pushed into a 1 syllable word.  I’m not entirely sure how she says it like that.


I think Little E is trying to mimic our noises more and more.  She hears us laugh and does a sort of laugh noise.  A few days ago she started doing that noise where you suck in air and make your vocal chords make noise.  Big Ive and Little E will do it back and forth to each other.  I’ve probably said it a few times but it is so funny to watch Big Ive mimic Little E and talk and interact with her.  I wish you all could experience the look of joy they have on their faces when they see each other.


Yesterday I drew a number of simple 5 petal flowers on a sheet of paper with a pen for Big Ive to color.  I left her to it and focused on something else.  During the day I had to put up the paper and crayons so Little E wouldn’t get into them.  After LOML got home I put that paper back on her table for her to color.  LOML asked me if I had colored the orange on there.  I told him no, I just drew the flowers.  Big Ive had scribbled a little yellow when I was watching and that’s all that was on there.  LOML told me to look closer and that’s when I saw that Big Ive had colored the centers of about 5 flowers with the orange crayon.  Just like her dad does when he colors with her.  It’s the first time I’ve seen her trying — and accomplishing! — coloring in the lines purposefully.  She’s still in that typical scribble all over the page phase.  ::sniffs::  My baby is a genius!!!


Little E is now really cruising around the furniture.  This morning I watched as she moved around the toy boxes that block off the tv table.  She may be an 8 month walker.  Yikes!  My mom said that I was walking just before 9 months.  Apparently I wasn’t steady at all but I insisted on walking everywhere.  And subsequently falling everywhere.  I think we might be experiencing that.

And then there are those times when she tries to crawl under furniture too small for her.


LOML’s co-worker is in the hospital here in Germany.  He had a heart attack and needed heart surgery.  He made it through surgery and his wife will be here early tomorrow morning. He doesn’t have any family that lives here in Germany with him so we are kind of his family.  The whole situation really hit me hard — and I don’t even know him very well.  We’ve had him over for supper a handful of times.  I was tense and felt upset inside about the whole thing, as if he had been family for a long time.  It was quite a relief when LOML got the call that he made it out of surgery and is in recovery.  Not done with this journey, but one of the big hurdles is over.

It is scary to think about how fragile we really are as humans here on earth.  I’m thinking of an entire post based on this.  LOML and I are continuing to work on how our faith should be shown here in Germany.


My plan this morning was to get out of the house early enough to stop at the quickie mart to buy a couple of pretzels before going to Krabbelgrouppe at 10.  Surprisingly, we made it out of the house in enough time to stop quickly at the store.  But, they didn’t have any pretzels ready!  The man said they would be done in 10 minutes.  We didn’t have 10 minutes to wait as Krabbelgrouppe started in less than 10.  I told him we’d pick them up on the way back.  He looked at the lady, who I assume is his wife, and she translated for him.  He said he would hold 4 fresh pretzels for me.  We live in an awesome little village.

Krabbelgrouppe was good this morning.  I felt a little more included in the group this time.  I know some of the German kid songs they sing now.  Some of the kids are more friendly with Big Ive and the moms are getting used to Little E now, too.  It’s nice.  I’m starting to hear more German words and understand a tiny bit more of the spoken language.

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