[and other daily happenings 19.03.2012]

Wednesday evening we were out on the back patio when our Landlord walked past in the backyard.  He noticed all the pots we had stacked out there and asked if I was going to plant flowers.  I told him yes and some vegetables, too.  He asked which kind and I listed a few off.  Then he asked if I wanted a field.  A FIELD!  I’m not sure what size or where it’ll be, but he said they’ll find a place for me to grow veggies.  So!  Excited!!  I get a field!

Now I just need to figure out how to grow veggies in a cool climate…  This desert kid doesn’t know these sorts of things.


A bunch of blooming spring flowers in our village.


Big Ive got the broom out of the pantry and started trying to sweep saying, “Muhtz, muhtz, muhtz” (the z is very slight) her version of “mess”.  It was funny and kind of annoying at the same time because she never decides to sweep when it is convenient for us.  We were in the process of putting groceries away.  That’s when you have to step back and realize she’s not doing it to purposely annoy you, but she’s genuinely trying to help out.


We went to Kindergarten on Friday afternoon, like normal.  It was warm enough that we went outside to play on the playground.  Big Ive got to play in the sandbox with all the sand tools and loved it.  Somehow she got this bruise on her cheek while we were out there.


Saturday morning we went to the bigger town about 15km away to buy a music stand for me.  The girls fell asleep on the short drive, so LOML stayed in the car while I went in to buy it.  Being in the village band gets me a discount at the store.

We then drove to the garden store so we could get some flowers and vegetable seeds to start our garden.  3 types of tomato seeds, zucchini, carrots, leeks, little starter onions, German herb mix, broccoli, peas, green beans, squashes — Holy Cow, if everything grows we’re going to have a huge garden!

Later that afternoon while LOML was visiting his coworker in the hospital I put Little E in the Moby wrap and Big Ive and I walked out the backyard.  We ended up playing with the neighbors across the road to the back of our house.  Big Ive likes to play with their toys; they have bikes and baby strollers and things we don’t have.  The 2 kids are really good with her, too.  The parents are super nice and the grandparents live across the street, too!  LOML got to meet them, which was nice.  A couple of Big Ive’s Kindergarten friends rode by on bicycles while we were out, too.


Saturday night was my first concert with the village band.  I’ll have another post soon about that!  It was great!


Yummy.  Yummy.

On Sunday we went to go see LOML’s co-worker “Inga” at the bakery she works at on Sundays and Big Ive said a version of her name.  It was cute.  Instead of being 2 syllables she somehow merged it into one.  I’m still unsure how she does that.  Inga took Big Ive to the kitchen and let her help get her buttered bread ready to eat.  She also let her walk behind the cake and pastry counter.  Big Ive thought that was pretty awesome.  She started walking around like she owned the place after that because she was allowed just about everywhere.

I think that’s a pretty good photo of our little family.  Big Ive’s doing something with her hand and Little E is looking off into space, but all in all it looks good.


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