First Village Band Concert!

Saturday night was my first concert with the village band, Arbeiter Musik Verein.  We had to drive to another village about 60km away that is slightly larger than our village.  It was a great concert.  They sold tickets and the vast majority of the people were elderly, probably 70+.  In typical German fashion, they sold drinks, pretzels and little sandwiches – belegtes rbot –  during the concert.  During the intermission a number of band members got food and drink.

[[ Did I ever tell you that there is beer, water and coke to purchase in our rehearsal room?  A fridge is stocked with beverages.  It’s pretty common to see about a dozen people swigging beers between songs at rehearsal.  So unusual from what I’m used to. ]]

I think we played really well.  The audience loved it.  We played a number of old songs — polkas and German songs — and they sung along when they knew the words.  It was fun and made me smile.

You can’t see me as I’m sitting directly behind the director.  Since I play flute and bassoon I sit in the front row.  It’s really strange to be playing a bass instrument and be sitting in the front row.  Oh, well.  It’s so quiet the flute players on either side of me don’t even usually hear me.

LOML did really well with the kids; it wasn’t easy as the concert started at their bedtime and lasted nearly 2 hours.  The auditorium had a back room where they had the bar and little kitchen and that’s where he hung out with the girls.  At one point I saw him walk back in carrying Big Ive.  I didn’t see at first that he was carrying Little E in her carrier.  Big Ive needed a serious diaper change.  Near the end he ended up taking the girls out to the car where they both easily fell asleep and waited for me to finish.  He managed to get a few photos while wrangling children.

There was one song LOML was holding Big Ive where she spotted me, pointed and yelled, “MAMA”, but I think I was the only one that heard it on stage.

She was a hit with all the old German people.  LOML said at one point she started babbling with hand gestures toward an older German man.  He said in German that he didn’t understand her.  Then he said it in English and LOML told him that he didn’t understand what she was saying, either.  She was so into her conversation with the man.

LOML made a new ‘friend’ sitting in the back.  He kept trying to give LOML drink after drink.  LOML kept trying to explain that he had to watch his kids and be able to drive home later.

We finished with the German national hymn.  I was afraid I would be sight-reading a hymn I had never heard, but I was familiar with it.  It is a common hymn that I grew up singing in my Lutheran church at home.

I had a really really good time.  I didn’t realize how much I missed playing in a band like that.  I’m thankful for this village we live in, full of the nicest welcoming people, for this opportunity to play music using my talents, for the time spent with my family.  I’m looking forward to our next performance.

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