Sick Baby = No Krabbelgrouppe [and other daily happenings 21.03.2012]

Little E is sick again.  She and Big Ive are  both all snotty but only she sounds raspy and hoarse and coughs occasionally.

She may be sick and have a snotty nose, but she’s happy to be climbing on mom!


Every night when we’re putting Big Ive to bed we go through the routine, which includes saying bedtime prayers.  We do the typical thank-yous and bless-these-people and thank-you-for-sending-your-son-to-save-us (because you can never tell them the Gospel too many times).  I asked Big Ive what else we needed to pray for and she thoughtfully said, “Ummm”.  It was HILARIOUS.  So, I prayed a few more sentences and asked her again what else and she said, “Ummm” again.  I laughed so hard.  You don’t realize everything you say until it is parroted back at you from an almost 2-year old.  The inflection and the way she drew it out was perfect.  Like she was really thinking about what else we had omitted from the prayer that night.

Headband bowtie.


Supper was at the local restaurant this evening.  Little E was sick and needy today and I wasn’t able to get supper started in time.  Not to mention I was just exhausted this afternoon.  I’m a little bit sick, too.

The owner, ‘Herrn K’, is so nice and accommodating to us.  He brought Big Ive a small portion of fries before our food came out.  He brought out a soccer ball so she could kick it around the restaurant.  [NOTE:  We were the only ones having supper.  There were about 5 older gentlemen having beer at the bar counter.]  The older gentlemen, Opas, were more than happy to play soccer with her for a few minutes.  She would dribble the ball over to them and they would kick it away.  One of the men put the ball under his shirt and then popped it out.  She laughed at that.  They were so nice and very happy to have her play near them.

LOML was at the bar settling up the bill and we got to meet the Opas.  They asked where we lived and when we told them who our Landlord was, they knew exactly where we lived.  This small village lifestyle is vastly different from the life we had in the 5th largest city in the US.

2 of my band mates came in shortly before we left.  I found out one owns horses — he had just gotten done riding and was still wearing his riding boots.  I officially met the other one and found out his name.  It was nice.  It is nice to be recognized out in public and to have people say hello and make small talk with you.  Even with the language barrier issue.



Little E climbing inside the toybox.

My view of Big Ive.

Little E climbing on mom.

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