Stretching My Green Thumb

Last weekend we went to the garden store and bought flowers, seeds and other gardening accoutrements.  I am very excited about my garden here in Germany!  I can’t wait until I find out where our Landlord will let me have a plot of earth  (a field in his words) to garden.  We might have gone a little overboard in our seed selection.  We got a bag of starter onions, too.  They look like little pearl onions.  I have never grown onions before like this.  If everything grows here as well as I can get stuff to grow in Phoenix, then we will have an enormous garden.  I’ll be giving away produce!

tomatoes x 3, carrots x 2, German herbs, broccoli, peas, green beans, zucchini, flowers, leeks, green onions!!!

Big Ive “helping” me pot the flowers one afternoon.  She was really good at taking small shovel fulls of dirt and putting them in all of the empty pots.

Please notice the “small” gloves Big Ive is wearing.  : )  She put them on herself.

Little E watching everything from her pack-n-play.  She was watching Big Ive closely here.

So far, I have all of the flowers and herbs in pots sitting on our back patio.  They have been placed closer to the house so they would stay warm enough during the cool nights.  It might be getting warm enough that I can move them so I can see them better during the day and not have to move them 2 times each day.

Do you see the snail that Ivy found?  She poked her finger in and jumped back.  I don’t think there was anything alive in there.  Just dirt.

If the seeds weren’t enough, LOML decided we needed tomato and bell pepper plants, too.  : )  He brought home 6 tomato plants (2 of 3 different kinds) and 4 pepper plants (2 green and 2 red).  I asked why so many tomato plants when I don’t even eat them and he said he figured I’d have a kill rate of one half!  That’s not very supportive, LOML.  The only kind of plant I’ve managed to consistently kill is basil.  Those are hard to get started, but once you get them established it’s very hard to kill them.

6 tomato plants all in a row . . .

4 pepper plants, 2 green and 2 red, to join the show . . .

Big Ive was a big help with getting the seeds ready to plant.  LOML put them on paper towels to germinate for a couple of days before we place them in little peat pots.  After LOML was done Big Ive took the watering can and proceeded to dump the water into the wagon which still held the rest of the seed packets.  We scooped them up quickly and dried them off, so no harm done.

We let Little E loose on the ground for a bit.  She decided that she would only crawl on hands and feet outside.

Big Ive getting the little green house out of the new shed our Landlord just built us.

LOML and I were cleaning up and moving plants around, not fully paying attention to what Big Ive was doing.  She had seen LOML take the paper towels earlier for his seeds and decided she needed to start her seeds, too.  She put a long line of paper towels on the ground and then put this smaller bit with the little seed starter pots.  It always amazes me at how much she watches every little thing we do.  And how much she takes in and then tries to copy it.

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