lots of words for catch up . . . photos coming later this week [and other daily happenings 26.03 – 09.04.2012]

I have all of these thoughts in my head I want to get out on ‘paper’ and there seems to be no time to do that.  The girls and I have had this mild cold for over a week now (26-03-2012).  It is just having me feel really run down all day.  And LOML has been working slightly longer hours to make up for his co-worker’s absence, so I have to be the child care longer by myself.

09April2012 Still not feeling too good, but the girls are getting better.  Highlights of what has happened as I jotted them down so I wouldn’t forget.


26 March 2012
About a week ago the girls and I took a walk around one of the trails in our village.  This one goes around the soccer field and by the restaurant and schools.  Big Ive was happy to walk with me most of the time.  We got almost to the near side of the soccer field and she decided that she wanted to walk the other way.  She stopped, turned halfway, looked back and me with a glint in her eyes and said, “Bye.  Tschuss.”  And then started walking the opposite direction on the path.

That child… sure is like her Daddy.  I hear stories about him trying to run away from home at about age 3.  Something along the lines of he got stuck in a fence so he couldn’t get any further.

And then this weekend when we were out walking as a family she did it again.  LOML got to witness it firsthand that time.


We had to take Big Ive to urgent care at 8pm.  Her pediatrician closes early on Wednesdays and the urgent care place doesn’t open until 7pm.  She had an ear infection and bronchitis.  Then we had to drive to another village to get prescriptions filled at an after hours pharmacy.

LOML came home with a flat of little lettuce plants.  He’s on a healthy eating kick since his co-worker’s heart attack and surgery.  I’m not complaining about the food changes.  03 April : I got the lettuce plants put in pots until we find out where my garden plot will be.  I think they’re happier with more

I got the sprouted tomato plants put in peat pot starter pots.  03-29 One is already sprouting up with the smallest leaf through the soil.


Big Ive is feeling better, saying a lot more words I haven’t heard from her before.  Playing on iPad with animal sound app and she knew a lot more of the animals than I thought she did.  She called M&Ms something like ABCDs.

Earlier this week Big Ive started singing the ABCs something like ABCDCB, with a slight lisp on the Cs.  She sees her foam bath letters and calls them ABCDs.

I ask her to bring me Little E’s soft little comfort blanket and the vast majority of the time she listens right away.  She loves her sister and likes to help mom.

Last week Little E passed the peanut test – she got a hold of Big Ive’s peanut butter sandwich and took a big bite.  She was pissed when I scooped it out of her mouth.  Little E LOVES the puffs my mom sent us.  She’s intrigued by small pieces of fruit to pick up to eat (I gave her some kind of hard pear that she loves).  She seems really interested in sign language during feeding times.  Big Ive has been signing to her, too, which is a change because she’s been refusing to sign since she started talking more.

Our Landlord has been working on redoing the walkways and driveway here at the house.  He’s re-doing the cobble pavers.  Big Ive really likes to watch and “help” him.  I think he likes the distraction of our toddler.  I try to wrangle her and bring her in when we’ve overstayed our welcome, interfering with his faster pace of work.  He found one of his children’s old sand shovels and let her play in his pile of sand.  She loved it.

Big Ive at bedtime pickin nose saying, “Mine!” when she put it in her mouth.

Little E can stand unassisted for 12 seconds, my highest count.  She lets go more and more every day.

We met an Oma on a family walk on Sunday afternoon April 1 who said, “I don’t speak English” and then proceeds to have conversation with us in English with a little German mixed in.  Yeah, right.  No English…  J

The long walk through the wooded trail with the fam was nice.  Mapmyrun.com said it was about 2miles.  Big Ive kicking ball in open field with LOML.  Little E in the Moby.  Drinks and fries at the restaurant in our village when we were done.  Saw all the horse property up the hill from our village.

Planted lettuce plants in pots.  Gotta get tomatoes transplanted this week [[EDIT 09April2012:  This hasn’t happened, yet]].  New tomato seedlings popping through each day.  Up to about 6 now [[EDIT 09April2012: About 19 or 20 of the 24 seeds sprouted and most are working on 2nd or 3rd sets of  leaves now.]].  Flowers are growing like crazy and are deliciously beautiful to look at.  There are 5 new blooms coming up on my dark red ranunculus.  I’m so excited.  I loved it when my mom planted that kind of flower when I was a kid.

Baked pretzels from scratch.  This recipe was pretty close to authentic without the use of lye.  They were amazing fresh out of the oven.  Ate another just before bed and it wasn’t nearly as good.  These are not to be stored for more than a few hours if you want anything that tastes really good.

Little E is standing up on her own more and more.  Tonight she was playing a game with herself and would keep standing up again and again.  I only counted 9 seconds.

Big Ive learning to take pictures with my camera on the Kinder soccer pitch.

Big Ive says lots and lots of new words each day.  I can’t keep track of them all.  Last night (02 April 2012) she said her first 2 sentence word: Daddy shoe.  LOML had gotten new shoes in the mail and was trying them on and Big Ive pointed at them and said, “DaDa shoe.”


05 April 2012
Coming up the hill from a walk to the quickie mart and playground our landlord drove by in his tractor.  He was driving slowly with about 5 big 55 gallon sized barrels in his tractor trailer.  He waved.  We waved back.  I wondered what he could be moving, but then Big Ive did something and I couldn’t think about the barrels anymore.  LOML came home and I mentioned it to him.  A little bit later we were out on the back patio and he came over to talk with us.  He told LOML that his barrels were his home-made schnapps!  Then he gave us a taste of 2 kinds – pear and a 1989 yellow peach.  The ’89 was really good.  I don’t think I could have finished a whole shot of either, but the older one was good.

He also said after his holiday next week that we will figure out a place to plant my garden.  I’m so excited about that.  [[EDIT 09April2012: He fixed up a raised garden plot in the back yard for me to use.  More on that later.]]

This village is awesome.  I’ve said it a few times before, but, these are really, truly the nicest people I have ever met.

The landlord seemed pleased when he said that Big Ive now knows who he is and is mostly comfortable with him.  He’s been re-doing our front driveway and walking path.  They got some new concrete pavers to mix in with the old stone cobbles.  He took up ALL of the old cobbles and then put them ALL back. One.By.One.  Big Ive had so much fun trying to “help” move the cobbles to the side.  And then she got to play in the sand base course, which she LOVED.  Landlord went in his garage and found an old toy sand scoop from one of his children (they’re 16 and 20 now) so Big Ive could play.


About 2 days ago (03 April 2012) Big Ive decided that she would start to say words.  Lots of words.  Lots of different words.  I’ll say something and she’ll pick our 1 or 2 words from the sentence and say them back to me.  We’ll be on a walk – heck, even just in the house not doing anything special – and she’ll point out a common item and tell me what it is.  “Wall! Wall.  Wall. Wall.”  “Yes, Ivy, that is a wall.”  “Wall. Wall.”

LOML’s co-worker left something in our car that I brought into the house and placed on the table.  Big Ive saw it, recognized it was his and said his name!  She said it so clearly I could understand it!

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid and am continually amazed at what she learns?

Little E is working on getting her balance down.  She can stand unassisted for at least 17 seconds now.  Every time she gets herself to standing (in the middle of the room, not by letting go of furniture, mind you) I start to count.  Usually it’s less than 10 seconds, but she surprised me today (05April) with 17.  I guess she wanted to celebrate her 8 month birthday, too.


Good Friday service in German church with my band playing.

Easter Saturday in France.

Easter Sunday church, family time and surprise Easter baskets from the Landlords.

Easter Monday spent at home very low key.

I think I might be starting to feel better.  My sinuses have been killing me the past few days.

Little E stood 19 seconds.  She almost took a step – thought about it and then thought against it.  She likes to stand up in the middle of the room not hanging on to anything.

Big Ive heard Little E cry as she woke up and said, “Baby sad”.  I am so excited to hear more words and sentences from her.  She asked where LOML’s co-worker was at supper because he spent the weekend with us.  It was sweet.

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4 thoughts on “lots of words for catch up . . . photos coming later this week [and other daily happenings 26.03 – 09.04.2012]

  1. elimaus says:

    This blog is so lovely and full of happiness :-) It makes me want to have kids too!!

  2. Julie Pingel says:

    MomMom – love reading your updates.Sounds like Germany is a good spot for the Millers (even though we miss you here.)!

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