Big Ive’s 2nd Birthday!

We got a pudding pretzel from the bakery and shared it.

We went to the car wash.

We ate chocolate and took a long nap.

We danced in the living room to the music from Dancing With The Stars.  Every time a song would end she’d look up at me and say, “More?!”

Big Ive said a couple of 2 word sentences and I think a 3 word sentence this morning.  It was Mommy + noun + verb.  I can’t remember the actual words she, though.  : (  I think it was when she was really pissed off at me for not giving her her juice cup or a part of a pretzel or her binky because she was a holy terror in the grocery store this morning.  She has never acted that badly in a store before.  And I learned my lesson to NEVER use one of those kiddie car carts again.  Children will be contained and not able to get out on their whims while grocery shopping from here on out.

Yesterday we opened presents and blew up a few balloons.  LOML had to drive to the airport this evening to pick up a co-worker and wasn’t going to get home until well after Big Ive had gone to sleep.

I made the Happy Birthday Big Ive banner for her.  It took a number of hours to carefully cut out all of the circles and flowers and letters by hand (wrapping paper is probably not the best kind of paper for this type of project, FYI).  The gluing and stringing together were the quick and easy parts.  Big Ive got up from her nap just before I finished stringing them all together, so LOML came over and took one end while I took the other and we unveiled it for her.  Her face lit up, breaking into a gigantic smile and said WOWOWOW!  She squealed with delight.  It was a really great feeling for me.

Then it was onto the cards and presents that my mom had mailed a couple weeks ago.  Big Ive didn’t quite understand how to open the envelopes or get the cards out so I had to help her a little.  My Grandma sent a card and it had 3 little stickers holding the flap down.  She had to peel each one off, individually, and stick it to the envelope so she could open it.  My OCD child.  Opening the presents was a similar method, slowly ripping small chunks of paper off and having to set them off to the side, one by one, in an orderly way.  There was no haphazard ripping and tossing of paper.

Little E tried to get into everything Big Ive had.

The play pots and pans were a big hit.  And now they are being hit as percussion instruments.  Did IKEA really think it was a good idea to make them so loud? The kitchen ware had to go on a time out shortly after making it down to the floor.

The noise makers were a hit, too.  Big Ive didn’t quite figure out how to blow hard enough most times to make a noise.  So she improvised and just made noises with her mouth while holding the noise maker in there.  Super cute.

(It broke so she’s signing ‘broke’ while saying it and holding the 2 broken pieces.)
(Little E is having a grand old time playing with all of Big Ive’s new pots and pans.)

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