[and other daily happenings 17.04.2012]

17 April 2012
LOML was scaring Big Ive in the bedroom the evening of the 17th as we were getting the girls ready for bed.  He was on our bed and Big Ive was walking around the bed.  Big Ive would get scared and come stand behind me, away from LOML, and as soon as she calmed down a little she would ask for more.  “MORE!?”

Little E was freaking out because Big Ive would get scared.  She is such a sweet natured baby and gets scared easily.  She would see LOML with a snarled lip, growling at Big Ive and her eyes would get huge, start to well up, the bottom lip would start to quiver and then she would burst into tears and sobs.  It’s still adorable when she sobs like that (when she’s not hurt).

Sisters playing and laughing by and under the table.

Running down the hill during our walk after supper is a new thing for Big Ive.  LOML took her down a big grassy hill on our way back home.  She loved it.  Then Big Ive had to run in the other field next to our house at the end.  We didn’t know there was a pit of water in the middle until she walks past it and says, “Water”.  I didn’t look closely at it, but it was a well of water.

I tried to wake Little E during our walk to no success.  I didn’t want her to sleep that early because then she’d be up for another couple hours and I wanted to get to sleep at a decent time.  Talking to her, tickling her, jiggling her cheeks, nothing worked.  It was funny.

Big Ive got to use one of those miniature little kid carts in the store and knocked over a coupon display in one aisle.  Not terrible.  At least I prevented her from running into any people with the cart.  Also during our errand running that day she got a sucker from the bakery and loved it.  It was like a sweet tart, not the typical hard candy kind of sucker.

Big Ive and I got to dance in the living room during some songs on the TV.  It’s one of her new things to dance with me instead of just by herself.  I LOVE IT.  She came over to me, grabbed my hand and brought me to the living room so we could dance.  After about half a minute of her and I dancing hand in hand she had me pick her  up so I could hold her to dance with her.  So.  Cute.

Pics of us dancing from the a couple days later.

Little E had to join in.


On Sunday the 15th we re-potted the tomato plants into bigger ceramic pots.  They had met their limit of the small plastic pots.  Very soon we’ll have to pot the seedlings into those small plastic pots.  Our Landlord said that next week would probably be a good week to start planting in the garden as it’ll be warmer.  I’ll have to do a post on our next gardening steps.


I can now fit into the smallest pair of jeans I brought along to Germany.  They didn’t even fit me when I bought them before I got pregnant with Big Ive.  If I remember right, they were on sale and they looked nice and I knew I would get down to this size at some point so I bought them anyway.

The ultimate goal is that these pants would be too big for me, but that will still take more time.  I don’t know how much I weight I have lost to date since the peak with Little E’s pregnancy.  I have an idea because of the size I’m fitting in, but I’m not sure.  We don’t have a scale in our house.  Maybe I’ll remember to buy one one of these days.

I’m sure I could get better results much more quickly if I did better than my no-diet diet that includes eating just about anything and everything I want while chasing 2 small children around a 3 level house and walking daily in a village with some good hills.  I’m happy how things are going right now, so I’ll just keep going.


The progression of Big Ive’s shiner from eine schaukel (a swing) at the wine fest in a village about 45 minutes away.

The offending schaukel.

Day 2
She got a hold of my camera and was looking at these photos and said, “Ouch”. 

Day 3, making faces at me while I took pictures.

Day 5

It’s looking a lot better now that it’s been a full week.  Just a little of the bruise and tiny bit of scab over the scraped part.  No more Rocky in our house.


Big Ive was walking around the living, dining rooms and kitchen with her baby doll’s hands in her hands saying, “Walk, walk, walk, walk” pretending to help it walk like I do with Little E.  It was so funny.  She has never done that before.  I’m always amazed when they mimic things like that.

Little E has her 3rd tooth coming through the gums.  It is the top tooth just to the left of where her front center left tooth would be.  Baby # 2 with fangs for this family.  Big Ive didn’t get her top front two teeth until her top front side ones came in.  It was hilarious.  I loved my fang baby.  It looks like I get another one!  Wa-hoo!

And that completely makes sense why she’s been such a fussy butt the past 3 days and didn’t sleep well the past 2 nights.  My kids are extremely good teethers, so I can’t complain if I only get a few days of fussiness.  The horror stories I hear from my friends are terrible.  I feel badly for those kids and parents.  I hadn’t thought about another tooth being the culprit until LOML said maybe that’s what it was.  Today I looked and saw the little white line where her tooth had just broken through the gums.  Drei Zähne.  Three teeth.

Speaking of the word Zähne… I can’t get Big Ive to say this word.  I say Zähne and she says teeth.  She knows that Zähne means teeth but refuses to say the German word.  Funny kid.

I have been making a concerted effort to use the German word in my speech if I know it with the kids this week.  It’s probably not very grammatically correct to throw in the odd German word here or there — usually just nouns — but that’s what I’m doing.  It’s making me think of it more, making Big Ive (and Little E) hear it more and then Big Ive is saying more German words, too.

She’s starting to say new words all day long.  I’ll say a few sentences to her and she’ll parrot back a word or two.  She’s in what I call the Captain Obvious stage pointing to everything and saying the word for it.  It’s really fun to have a toddler in this stage.  I might have said sh*t in the car the other day and she definitely said it right back to me.  I very quickly said shoot and she repeated that, hopefully completely forgetting about the other word.

LOML: I think we need to Get Big Ive some new  clothes for when she starts Kindergarten soon.  What do you think?

MomMom: I think that’s a good idea.  She does need a few things.  Where do you want to go shopping?

LOML:  France.

MomMom:  Really?

LOML:  Yep.  Did you notice all those kid stores in Metz?  I think we need to go there.  When I think of back to school shopping I think of shopping in France.

I love this man so much.  You all have no idea.

“When I think of school shopping I think of France.”  Only when you live in Germany near the boarder of France!  Or only as an excuse to go back to France to get more French food!!!

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2 thoughts on “[and other daily happenings 17.04.2012]

  1. Meredith says:

    You look great, MomMom! A 3-level house? Yikes. Wish I could go shopping with you in France.

  2. Kayla says:

    You look so thin, MomMom!!!! You go girl!

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