[and other daily happenings 20.04 – 23.04.2012]

Big Ive was changing her baby doll’s diaper with many many wipes on the evening of the 22nd.  This was the first time I’ve seen her play with her doll and her doll’s diaper.  We’ve asked about the doll’s stinky diapers a few times in the past, but she has never tried to actually change the diaper before.  She got one of her diapers out, opened the snaps of the onsie, and started using the wipes.  She would pull a wipe out, wipe it once across the baby’s crotch and then put it aside, take out another wipe and repeat.  I guess this was a pretty stinky diaper.  : )

She also started putting shoes on her her baby doll to walk her around.  She tried using her own shoes, but they were too big and fell right off when she stood up and moved the doll.  I knew there was a pair of infant shoes from when Little E had just come over here upstairs and sent LOML to fetch them.  He put the tiny purple plaid shoes on the doll and Big Ive was elated.  They didn’t quite fit right, either, but it didn’t matter to her.  It was just really good to have shoes that stayed on her baby doll.

After the diaper and the shoes she walked around holding the dolls hands pretending to walk the baby like I walk Little E around.  “Walk! Walk! Walk! Walk!”


Little E has figured out how to drink from Big Ive’s sippy cups.  Drink might not be the most accurate word.  Guzzle is better.  She has a homing signal for Big Ive’s cups and crawls straight over to them.  After she gets them in her little hands she manipulates the cup to get the spout in her mouth.  I’m not sure if it’s because this one kind of cup is now leaky and she gets big gulpin mouthfuls  guzzling Big Ive’s juice cups.  Subsequent sticky and fuzzy neck rolls.  This baby still doesn’t have much of a neck…


(20.04.2012) Little E has been super fussy the past few days, mostly, I think, because of a new tooth.  No bueno.  This is not fun for her, nor me.  She hasn’t been sleeping well, napping well, she wants to be held a lot.  It makes it hard to get anything else done when you have to hold a baby that doesn’t want you to do anything but hold her. That puts the tooth count to 3 teeth.  And, get this.  She’s not getting the front center top tooth.  She’s getting the tooth just to the left of where her front top center teeth should be!  Fang baby!  Big Ive did this, too.  No front top teeth, just side top teeth.

EDIT 24.04.2012: I saw the beginnings of the 4th tooth coming in (second for this round of teething).  It is the front top center tooth next to the fang!  No true fang baby this time.  Bummer!  But . . . we’ll have a lopsided tooth baby!!!


Bacon wrapped tilapia was on the menu for supper on Saturday night.  I found the recipe on a blog I read occasionally.  It was really good.  It was strange to pair fish with pork, but the flavors just worked.  Recipe coming soon.  Along with a baked oatmeal recipe!


Tomato and pepper plants now have blossoms.  LOML keeps saying how proud and surprised he is of me that I’ve managed to keep all of the plants alive this long.  He has no faith in my green thumb abilities.  I knew they’d all stay alive as long as no one knocked them over and broke them.  And no one (ahem, Big Ive, ahem, Little E, ahem) has done that.  Even when they’re on the patio (terrace in German) and we play with the soccer ball she hasn’t knocked any over.


Homesick.  It took me 4.5 months, but I got a huge wave of homesickness this weekend.  I was really missing my family and our friends and community back at home.  I don’t think I’m missing the 100+ F heat, but I am missing the people a whole ton.


We talked to Grandparents on Skype on Sunday night.  Big Ive was talkative this time to them so they were finally able to see how much she speaks, her cute little personality and all the things toddlers do at age 2.  Little E delighted them with standing on her own in the middle of the room, unassisted, and playing ever so cutely with toys for them.  I found out my Grandpa goes in for a surgery this week, so please keep him in your prayers.  Depending on what they find it might require another surgery.

It breaks my heart every time I talk with my Grandparents.  They start to tear up on the phone and it makes me want to cry.  I always feel bad that I “took” their great-grandbabies away from them.  The girls are the first great-grandchildren on my


LOML and I sat on the floor and tried to get Little E to walk between us.  She didn’t even get close.  She’s really good at standing up and balancing on her own, but moving her feet for forward motion is not one of her skills.  Yet.  Maybe we won’t have a 9 month walker.  Maybe she’ll hold out until 10 months.  She is cruising hand over hand around furniture better than ever.

And some photos from a little while ago, because I know that’s all you people care about on my blog!  : )

“MomMom, you just relax for a bit and let me drive for a while.”

daffodil (which are almost all withered and gone now)

I wonder what the neighbors think of me taking photos of all their flowers all the time.

Some sort of fuzzy purple flower.  Anyone know what it is?

tulips getting ready to bloom.  They’re in full bloom now (3 weeks later).

She loves walking around this fountain.  We have to stop just about every time we walk on this street.

dirty hands.  Such a clean freak.

Why not lay down on the bus stop bench?

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