Teddy Bear Time Out [and other daily happenings 24.04 – 25.04.2012]

Big Ive has started to put her teddy bear in time out.  A few days ago she found her bear, brought it over to the place we usually put her for time out and told him, Time Out.  It comes out closer to “Timer”, but you can tell what she’s trying to do.  It makes me wonder if she’s intentionally mocking me or just mimicking like toddlers like to do.

putting her shoes on her doll

changing the doll’s diaper with about a million wipes

During a diaper change I was blowing raspberries on Little E’s belly.  Naturally, Big Ive had to attempt to blow raspberries on Little E’s belly, too.  I was surprised that she got a good raspberry going on the first try.  Little E thinks this is hilarious: the combination of her loved sister and getting raspberries on her belly.  LOVE!

Little E has one of the best little stink faces around.  It’s kind of a stink face smile.  LOML and I were up with her the other night after Big Ive went to bed and she would give him stink face smile after stink face smile.  That gave us some of the biggest fits of laughter we’ve had in a while.  It seems like our kids are really good at doing that for us.

It’s a blurry photo, but you can see the stink face pretty well.  There is also something in her mouth besides the 2 bottom teeth…


We started attending a small group at our church for a study on the Lord’s Prayer.  It is going well, so far.  The kids are both in childcare while we attend the study.  I admit, it is really nice to have about an hour when both of us are not concentrating on wrangling 2 children that seem to go in 4 directions.

I also went to the women’s bible study on Tuesday morning for the first time, too.  It was nice to chat (in English!) with other women.  It was nice to drop of my kids for another hour, too.  Going back next week.


Last week at Krabbelgruppe I brought a box of diapers that the girls had outgrown for another mom.  Her baby is, I found out, 4 days older than Little E.  But she’s much smaller!  She seemed surprised that I would give them to her and asked if she should pay for them.  Once I told her no she and I had a good conversation in broken English and broken German.  It was a really nice feeling.  I felt more welcome and more connected with all of the German moms because this one reached out to me a little more. Everyone has always been very nice to me, but I hadn’t really felt connected or a part of the group before now.  I left feeling good about it.


I think I mentioned this oatmeal bake a friend of mine posted the recipe on FB.  I didn’t make that recipe, but something similar I found on the internet (with my tweaks, of course.  Who can just follow a recipe exactly?).  It is so good!  I have made 3 of them in about a week’s time now.  Big Ive loves it — especially the dried cranberries I put in.  LOML even said it was good — perhaps the first one I made would have been better had I remembered the sugar!  Oh, well.  I’ll post my version of the recipe soon.


first ever bath photo of the girls posted online
I liked how all of the splash droplets have a shadow because of the flash.  And the kids are pretty happy.  This was right before Little E got too close to Big Ive and she pushed her over making her fall backward into the water.  She was perfectly fine except for a small mouthful of water.  I’m surprised this was the first time we’ve had something like that happen.


On the way home from our small group study at church on Wednesday night Big Ive and I were having a conversation.  Well, as much of a conversation as you can have with someone that lacks a full vocabulary.  We haven’t had many conversations quite like this before so it was a lot of fun.  I’d say something and she would respond and sometimes say words I said.  We looked for the cows in the field on our way home.  At one point she said, “Night, night, Big Ive”.  So I asked her if she was going to sleep and she said NO! and started to laugh.  She was making a joke about going to sleep!  It was super cute.  I haven’t noticed her purposely make a funny like that before.


Little E looks different this week, less like a little baby and more like the transition to a toddler.  It’s exciting and a little depressing at the same time.  My little baby isn’t so much of a little baby anymore.

She is starting to really cruise around furniture, corners rapidly this week.  She used to sit back down and crawl over to another spot to stand up if she wanted to move and now she’s walking while holding the furniture.  I bet she’ll be walking before May is over.

And, she is finally starting to eat more solid foods, but she still is not terribly interested in them.  More and more every day as I am just giving her whatever Big Ive or we are eating.  WIth Big Ive we fed her jarred baby foods for a long time.  Little E hasn’t had a single jar of baby food.  (Part of that is that I don’t know what I’m buying here in Germany because I can’t read the labels on the jars!)  Fruits, veggies, meats, breads, casseroles, quinoa, lentils — why not?  She seems to like just about everything I’ve tried giving her.  And since I’ve started to feed her more food she has started to sleep a little better the past couple of nights.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Whatever — I’m just happy for a few more hours of solid sleep.  [[If only I would go to bed instead of writing blog posts after 11pm!]]

crazy hair after a good nap


LOML got a couple new shirts recently.  When he came home from work wearing one, Big Ive sat on the sofa next to him admiring the new shirt.  She was full of Wows and had to touch it all over.  Based on her reaction, he picked a fantastic new shirt.


Big Ive said ‘read’ while holding one of her books.

because 1 bucket of toys dumped on the ground is not enough

me and Big Ive one morning

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One thought on “Teddy Bear Time Out [and other daily happenings 24.04 – 25.04.2012]

  1. Glenda says:

    MomMom– I love your blog. Can’t believe how big the girls are!!! Thank you for sharing. :)

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