Family Walk Around The Village

We took a walk on one of the wander paths here in our village Sunday afternoon.  This one goes up a wooded path, passed horse property and breaks into lush green hills with some spectacular views of rural German countryside at the top of the hill.  We could keep walking for a long time on this trail, but the kids usually give us a time limit on how long we can be out and about.  We brought the soccer ball along and kicked that for a while.

She had so many dandelions she could not hang onto all of them!

Dad had to help get the ball out of the woods during our walk.

It seems like almost all of the photos I have of Little E to this point have been her in her car seat carrier.  She’s just so much more easily transported in that thing than carried.  And our stroller does not do too well on rough terrain.  Soon enough we’ll have photos of her doing all the things that Big Ive is doing now.

Little E rode on my shoulders most of the way home.  She was entirely fed up with being in her car seat carrier and she’s just too heavy to hold in your arms for an extended amount of time.  For a while she was grabbing my hair like the mouse did for Linguini in Ratatouille.  And part of the time she would clap her hands together while sitting up there.  She was SUPER happy with that ride arrangement.

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2 thoughts on “Family Walk Around The Village

  1. Wesley says:

    It must be amazing to have so much untampered with natural green around you. Gods creation is so beautiful.

  2. msstikki says:


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