Another Weekend, Another Winefest in Another Village

On Saturday afternoon we went to another little village about 50 minutes from ours for another wine fest.  It was very warm on Saturday, over 80 degrees F.  The girls both got to wear shorts and short sleeves.  Big Ive made good use of her sonnenbrille (sunglasses).  She has taken to wearing them a lot lately.  We got to the village a little too early.  We hadn’t realized the festival actually started in the early evening, instead of being an all day one like the others we’d been to.  That was ok.  We stopped in a little family winery store courtyard.  LOML got a glass of wine, Big Ive got some apfelsaft (applejuice) and I got an apfelschorle (sparkling apple juice).  The Omas (Grandmas) were so taken by our kids that they brought over a slice of cake and told us it was for the kids to eat.  Big Ive thought that was just about the best thing ever and devoured the majority of the cake.

2 of the 3 loves of my life

I was glad I had my umbrella along.  It was so nice to have it to shade myself and the kids from the sun.  My fair skinned babies don’t stand a chance with the sun.  I’m sure LOML didn’t want to be seen with me holding an umbrella with English words for rain showers written all over it.  Oh, well.  It probably won’t be the last time that’ll happen!

I can’t believe how blue the sky looks in that photo.  Nothing has been re-touched.
Also, Big Ive is just so stinkin’ cute!  I can’t get over it!

Need a navigator?

That’s one stylish dandelion blowing child right there.

Big Ive found out that the first rule of dandelion seed blowing is to wipe your nose so the seeds don’t stick to the snot dripping from your top lip.


And, any trip with 2 small children wouldn’t be complete without 2 blowout diapers.  Won’t stop us from trying it again next weekend!  : )

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