Stretching Our Green Thumbs – Garden Planted

. . . Well, most of the garden is planted, anyway.  Peas, beans, carrots and the rest of the onions are left.

This evening (Thursday 03 May) LOML took Big Ive out to start on the garden while I finished getting supper going.  He was able to get all of the little pepper, zucchini, squash and cucumber plants in the soil of the raised bed our Landlords are letting us use for our garden.  [[How generous and kind they are to let us use one of their raised beds!  I am in awe of how nice they have been and continue to be!]]

Row of kohlrabi.  I think it’s purple or red.  I’ve only ever had the green kind.

Big Ive checking out the hens.  She took the log off the door and was trying to get in to get the eggs.

They weren’t happy to be stuck in the stroller…

Whenever Big Ive walks by this little play house shed building she says, “Ouch”, because I told her it could hurt her if she touched it.  I didn’t want her getting splinters or cut by protruding nails or something like that.

She was happy in the grass until she took a face plant while crawling.

Our Landlord is grafting the local pear trees from his village in his backyard.  There are a handful of trees here in the village that they haven’t found a similar tree elsewhere so they want to preserve the strains of trees.  I have heard about tree grafting before and thought it was interesting, but I’ve never seen it being done up close and personal.  Very cool guy, our Landlord.

Salad greens and purples.  We have to eat a good sized salad every other day to keep the lettuce plants in check.

Tomato plant blossoms and baby tomato from our potted terrace tomato plants.  LOML figured we’d kill half the plants by now. 
They’re all still alive.  I have no idea what we will do with all of these tomatoes when I don’t eat them.

This is what it looks like when you garden with a toddler and a baby.

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