[and other daily happenings 08-12.05.2012]

I just watched Little E stand up in the middle of the floor, not holding onto anything and take 6 steps!  OHmygoodness!  The most steps I’ve counted has been 8 so far.

Loot and plunder Krabbel!

Time out from plundering to suck her thumb.

And I realize that none of these photos show her walking even though I lead you in with that first paragraph about my 9-month old walking.

UPDATE 12 May 2012: Little E took her first 2 steps a couple days before she turned 9 months on Saturday May 5.  This week she has started walking just about everywhere.  She is a very UNsteady walker and falls down repeatedly.  But, she always gets back up.  For some reason she seems to do better when she is holding a toy in her hands.  : )  Silly baby.  She looks like a little zombie the way she walks: wide stance, wobble, unintelligable babble, sometimes a questionable smell like that of an undead…  Just kidding.  I keep her diapers changed right away.

On Tuesday May 8 we had lunch with LOML at the cafe across the street from the church after the morning women’s bible study.  It was impromptu and nice.  Our church is closer to his jobsite so it worked out for him to get away for an hour and eat with me and the girls.

Tulips are almost all done blooming around here now.  I wonder what flowers are next around here?  I have been seeing more geraniums in window boxes and pots this week.

Another side of that is that almost every single deciduous tree has all of its green leaves now!  The tree tunnel road is now green.  It was brown sticks for the longest time.  Grasses got green.  Bushes got green.  Small saplings and other little trees got green.  And now, finally, the big trees that cross over the road are green.  It is crazy beautiful.

It looked green to me in December (compared to Phoenix desert, just about anything looks green!) so every day that we get more green is just amazing to me.  I can’t believe it can get greener!

Interesting heart shaped flowers in the front planter box.  When they first started growing it looked like strange celery.

04 May 2012
LOML surprised us at Kindergarten Friday afternoon by coming home early.  It was so fun to have him show up and get to watch and play with Big Ive and her friends at school.

Building a horse barn.


Eating all of the fruits and veggies in the kitchen.  We were trying to leave for about 20 minutes while she kept eating.

06 May 2012
An old friend from university is in Germany this week for a conference for work.  He drove the 4ish hours over here from Munich to spend the day with us.  It was so much fun.

10 May
Big Ive still says, “Doot”, and signs food when she is asking for food.  I have no idea how she changed that word around.  That was one of the first words she said.  She still says “Wow” when you ask her to say ‘pretty’.

She pointed to her happy birthday banner when I told her to say happy birthday to her Auntie.

I just asked her to say ‘little’ and she said ‘baby’.  I’m always telling her Little E is little so she needs to be careful.

My OCD child neatly placing the wooden blocks in perfectly even rows in the box, one at a time.

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