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At The Playground

Big Ive LOVES to walk down the hill of our village to go to the little kid playground.  She’s a big fan of the swing and is starting to be ok with sliding down the small slide without a parent holding her hands the entire way down.  After a hard hit on the slide at school she’s been a little hesitant about sliding down by herself.

We have to walk by this fountain every time we go to the park.  They recently put flower boxes of geraniums out.  Big Ive makes me stop and let her walk around on top of the short wall every time we go by.  They turned the water on (finally) but it doesn’t seem to be on all the time, which is strange to me.  We’ll go by and it’ll be on and then when we come back a while later it’s off.

Big Ive learned to climb up the little rock wall on the play structure to go down the slide herself at the park.  She slipped her leg through the rope bridge and my stomach caught in my throat, I was afraid she would get hurt.

She was holding out her arms telling a little girl not much younger than she is to slide down.  She wanted to catch her.

Little E in the swing.  Big Ive trying to tell me to take her out so she could swing.  This trip to the park had me teaching Big Ive to swing on her tummy on the tire swings because she wanted to swing in the baby swing which held Little E.

This last time we were at the playground a German boy of about 10 asked me (in German, of course) if I spoke German.  I said no and that my German isn’t very good (in German, of course) and so he asked if I spoke English (in German, of course).  (I said yes in English.  Of course.)  He seemed very interested in me.  He knew a handful of words in English but said he didn’t speak English when I asked him.

We brought the sand toys along with us for this playground trip.  Big Ive really liked playing with them.  The other kids did, too.  I put wet sand in the star-shaped bucket and packed it so when it was inverted it  kept its shape.  That was a big hit.  Too bad the kids knocked them over in about 20 seconds when it took me minutes to make it. 2 or 3 of those and I was done.  They could figure out how to do it themselves after that.

The 5 year old girls kept playing with the bucket, filling it with sand.  Then they found flowers, small pine cones, pine needles and sticks to decorate it.  I asked later if it was a cake or a castle and the mom said it was a cake.  A special cake.  I felt bad about ruining their cake, but we had to go home.

Big Ive only tried to run off from the playground about 4 times.  2 times she opened the little gate and made it over to the kids’ bikes parked at the entrance.  She also is good at trying to steal and use other kids’ bikes and toys.

Big Ive noticed the plastic nut was loose so she tried to “fix” it and tighten it.  She was getting a little dismayed that it was still “broken” so I had to tell her that it was fine and she did a good job of “fixing” it.  : )

I put Little E in the sand without socks for the first time.  She liked it.  I think today was the first time Big Ive has been in a sandbox without shoes and socks, too.  She squealed when she put her toes in the sand and wiggled them around.  It’s a nice feeling.  :)  Little E decided sand was ok.  She grabbed some and let it run through her fingers.  She would pick up a handful and open her hand to look at it and it would all fall out.  Then she started trying to eat it.  That’s when her sand adventure came to an end.

In The Backyard

Now that the weather is usually really nice in the evenings we go outside in the backyard as a family a lot.  Even more now that we have a garden planted and have to tend out baby plants.

We found out Big Ive can slip through the gate in the back yard onto the road behind our house.  She was mad we wouldn’t let her go jump on the big trampoline at our neighbor’s house because their kids were jumping, so she sneaked out the gate.  While we were watching.  I carried her back in the yard and she pitched a fit running over to some bushes mumbling/yelling, “Mad!  Mad!  Mad!”  Then she did some fake crying noises to keep the act going a bit longer.

She threw her ball in the bed of our Landlord’s trailer.

If you’re my friend on Facebook you saw I just posted a video clip of Big Ive drumming on her bucket drum while singing.

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