Phoenix Photos – at last

Here are some photos of our brief trip to Phoenix in May.

Big Ive loves my mom’s piano more than words can express.  She says piano something like PAMmo.  Little E was so happy when she figured out she could reach the keys and make noises with it.

Quintessential Little E pose: sucking her thumb while holding her little soft blankie.

Playing with Uncle Fred and Aunt Leah.

With my grandparents (GrammaGramm and GrampaGramp) at their house when they hosted the family and friends get together on Memorial Day.  I think we were trying to get out of there after a full afternoon and the girls were NOT being cooperative.

At the PHX Zoo on the Friday before we left…

Little E with her Auntie.  It was so nice to have her be able to come with us that hot early morning. 
My sister is the only aunt my girls know by the name of “Auntie”.  You can tell them Auntie is on the computer and they’ll know who it is.  :)

At the splashpad at the zoo.  We spent a good portion of the time playing in the water.  Little E seemed to be most happy looking for, picking up and placing in her mouth leaves, sticks and other debris around the splashpad.  She was a little scared of the water that shot up from the ground.

Big Ive, on the other hand, LOVED running around the water.  She was caught trying to drink out of the little river running around the splashpad a few times.  Gross.

Family photo!  Every one was happy!

Grandpa holding Little E.  Believe it or not, she fell asleep in this position.  Baby was tired. 
And, I was able to get her into the stroller seat where she kept sleeping the rest of the time in the zoo.

She had to climb up on this sculpture by herself after all the other kids got off.  She did NOT want to get down and leave.

These tortoises are massive.  I’m sure they have to be 80+ years old.  The big guy looks like a boulder!


I’m working on the posts for Switzerland, Italy (Orvieto, Florence, Todi, Assisi) and Paris.  We probably have 8+GB worth of photos and videos for me to sort through.  Yikes!  Lots of good memories, though.

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