Horses and Wild Raspberries [and other daily happenings 08.07.2012]

Yesterday afternoon my mom, the girls and I took a walk on one of the paths around our village.  LOML had to stay in the house working on homework for his online classes.  We were sad to leave him.  The walk was about 1.6mi according to’s estimate.  Part of the walk was up a pretty good hill and then through a wooded gravel road that we’ve walked on a number of times with LOML.  This was the first time I’ve turned down the quarry truck road toward the village.  Usually we turn around and walk back down the hill the same way we came up.

I was feeling adventurous with my mom and our new stroller that afternoon, so we went for it.

New stroller in single seat mode.  Can be turned so it’s forward or rear facing.  It’s awesome.
And the double seat mode.  We also have an infant bassinet attachment.

The girls had just gotten up from their naps and Big Ive was not in the best mood.  Normally I would call off a walk by myself and the girls if she was acting like that, but with Grandma’s help anything is possible, right?

We met some other US people that live in our village.  They were walking to the soccer field, which is the same direction we were going to see the horses and up the hill.  They had never been.  When we were almost home they had caught up to us.  It made me happy to see they decided to try out a new path for their family walk.

Big Ive being little Miss Independent.  She had to zip her own zipper.  She could not let Grandma help.

“Don’t step in the mud puddle.”

Big Ive had to take photos by herself.  “Pichures! Pichures!”  The little stinker didn’t want to listen to a word I was saying.  Nor Grandma.

One of the horses snorted and it caught us all off guard and we all jumped.  I made fake snorting noises with my lips and the horse obliged us and did it’s snort a few more times for the girls.

Horses in the ‘hood.  Yo.

Little E was all quiet and content for the vast majority of the walk.  …  Until we stopped to pick the wild raspberries and left her facing the sun.  That’s when I remembered I could turn her seat to face me.  She was out of the sun and she could see mom.  A win win.

Picking wild raspberries with Big Ive for the first time.  She L O V E D them.  Why wouldn’t she?  She’s a fruit-eating fien
d.  She didn’t care if there was a little dirt on them.  I was a good mom and picked off the bad parts.  : )

I suppose it was the first time picking wild berries with Little E, too.  But she stayed in the stroller.

Most of the raspberries weren’t ripe, yet.  We have a date with LOML for Tuesday to go pick more because I’m sure they’ll be ready in 2 days time.  Hopefully no one else got the memo that the raspberries are ripe!

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