Switzerland :: June 2012

This will be a mostly photo post.  Too many photos to share of so many good memories of this summer’s traveling.

Our European vacation started with a drive to Switzerland.  We stayed in a hostel in a village called Gimmelwald up in the Swiss Alps.

As you can see by the sign below, it is a new building.  : )

We stayed in what they call the Family Room — a small room with 3 sets of bunkbeds.  There are no locks on the doors to the rooms.  There might not even be a lock on the doors to the hostel.  I didn’t check that.

View from the window in our room.  Breathtaking.  The room and hostel may not offer very many amenities (pay showers for instance), but the views and experience were more than worth it.

Having a little snack picnic on the lawn by the hostel.

Big Ive and the wild chickens running around the hostel lawn.  Of course they would have chickens.  Ok.  So, they’re probably not ‘wild’ chickens, but they certainly didn’t seem to belong to anyone.  The egg selling lady up the street had her own pen of hens.

A daddy and his daughter.

Sorry I don’t have as many photos of Little E.  A lot of the time she is strapped in the stroller or sleeping so all of the photos look the same everywhere we go.  I keep telling LOML I’m going to make a flip book of all the photos of Little E in the stroller. I’m sure as she gets a little older and more of a stable walker I’ll take more action photos of her.

Watching the clouds roll in.

Big Ive playing in the rain.  She was having fun with the watering can and the gutter drip.


When you walk out of the cable car landing area you are greeted by this big metal slide.  As you can see by this photo, a lot of the days had fog — or cloud — during parts of the days.  It was so strange to watch the clouds descend around you obscuring your view of the mountain across the valley and the house just up the street from you.

Big Ive was excited about this slide but afraid to go on it by herself.  I had to go down with her a few times.  Our friend, Judah, went down with her a couple times.  There were a few slightly older kids that were trying to help her down while I waited at the bottom to catch her.  She loved climbing the stairs to the top.  And then she would chicken out and climb the stairs back down.  On the last day we were there she finally got over her fear and wanted to keep going down it repeatedly.

We took a bunch of walks around this village, to see the Alpen animals, to see the sights and views.  One day we took the cable car to the another village up the mountain a bit and walked back on the path.  The morning started out cold and overcast and dreary.  By the time we started our walk back to Gimmelwald it was completely sunny and had warmed up considerably.  My mom and I were using my umbrella to shade ourselves from the sun a little it was so sunny.

Notice all of the tidy, perfectly stacked fire wood.

Our friend, Judah, MomMom, Big Ive and my mom, Gampers.

3/4 of our family.  Little E was sleeping in the stroller during this walk and photo op.

Checking out the wild life on our walks.
Goats: check.
Cows: check.
Chickens: check.
Snails: check.
Ponies: check.

One of the days it rained a lot in the morning.  We took a cable car to the valley below and drove into Interlaken.  We walked around near the river, which is an amazing pale blue/green color.  It’s basically all Alpine snow melt and spring water and has lots of minerals that give it that incredible color.  I wanted to make sure Judah and my mom got a good view of the water as it really is unreal.  We did some touristing and went in shops.

Need more cowbell?
They were selling cowbells of all sizes in just about every shop.  This was the biggest one I’d seen all day.
The cows don’t even wear bells this big.

So … you totally can’t tell the color of the water by this photo…

This kid sure has a thing for umbrellas.

Since we stayed in a hostel we were able to use their kitchen to cook all of our meals.  Which means we had to bring all of our food along to cook.  We got to the hostel in the late afternoon / early evening so the kitchen was in use from people cooking their suppers.  We had an ice chest full of food and 2 grocery store bags full of more food and supplies.  My mom and I were trying to figure out where to store it all.  The people looked at our stuff.  And looked at us.  And then they asked how long we were staying.  I said 3 days and we’re cooking all of our meals.  They did a double take at the amount of food.  And there’s 6 of us, I added.  The relief that came across that young woman’s face could be felt.  She didn’t want to be judging us on the amount of food, but she couldn’t understand why 2 women would need so much for only 3 days.

LOML had plans of renting bikes with Judah and going on some cool hikes.  But he came down with the cold we brought back from the States.  Adventure plans were toned down.

The morning we left we ate breakfast in Germany, lunch in France and supper in Switzerland.  That’s pretty cool.

And then we drove to Italy for most of a week.  Italy photo post coming soon.

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