Big Ive-isms

A sample of some of the best toddler speak I hear all day from my favorite little ginger.

“I yike it to move it.” = “I like to move it, move it.” From the theme song of the movie, Madagascar.

“I tired.  I want bed.”

“I yike it”, said with a scrunched nose and a shaking head. = “I don’t like it.”

“I yike it”, said excitedly while nodding her head. = “I like it.”

Cayshun = vacation 30-07-2012

Gascar = Madagascar, the movie 28-07-2012

As I was breastfeeding Little E, Big Ive asked about my breasts.  I told her they were boobs.  And then she said, “I yike it da boobs.”  It was hilarious.

“I wanna see it Little E doin’.” = I want to see what Little E is doing.

We were walking on the street behind our house and we saw the neighborhood kitty scratching his back on the gravel.  I made sure the girls stayed away so he wouldn’t scratch them if he got startled.  Big Ive decided this meant she was to be Very Afraid of all cats.  Wouldn’t you guess that we saw another cat a few steps away and she freaked out.  She was nearly hysterical that the cat was going to follow her and get her.  She was relieved when we made it home safely with no cats following us. 30-07-2012

After Little E got her shots Big Ive said the doctor was a yucky man because he hurt her sister. 30-07-2012

Big Ive stuck her finger in the open butter container on the table and ate it.  She walked over to me, still licking her finger, and said, “Yum!”  I asked her was was good and she said with a huge grin on her face, “Butter!”  At least it was only a small finger scoop mark in the butter this time…

“I yub it! I yub it!” = I love it!  Big Ive will exclaim this about anything she is feeling decidedly passionate for at the moment, a toy, a bug, a picture on the wall, whatever, it doesn’t matter.

“I yub it, Little E.” = I love you, Little E.  I can’t get enough of these I _VERB_ it sentences.  I like the improper conjugation said in an adorable high-pitched toddler voice.  They slay me every time!

“Iby bacoom.” = Ivy vacuum, as she is attempting to vacuum the floor.  She’s doing a really good job of vacuuming the same 6 square feet of floor space.  : )

“Daddy? Hind?  Us?” = Daddy behind us? Spoken in the car on our way to the airport.  LOML had backed his car out of the driveway to let us out.  Big Ive assumed he would follow us like he has on some other trips nearby. 02-08-2012

“Tunner.  Tree.” = tree tunnel.  There is a small wooded section of road we drive on regularly where the trees reach across the road and create a tunnel.  It is LOML’s favorite.

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