Big Ive-isms ROUND 2


“Keem up” = “Clean up”  A lot of times I sing a little song, “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up, everybody do your share” and she tries to sing it too.  Usually just comes out, “Keem up, everbo, ever”.

“I heard dat – my butt!” = “I heard that, ” says LOML when he hears Big Ive fart.  She started saying this when we were in Croatia and we couldn’t figure it out for a few minutes.  Then LOML got a giant grin on his face and said he knew what it was.  Whenever he hears her fart he says, “I heard that”.  holycow, I’m busting up laughing just remembering that.

“I hear dat – da bells.” = I hear the bells that were chiming in the church tower.

“I doin’ sompin’.  Workin’ hard.” = This was said when she was talking to my mom via Skype.  I’m not sure what she was doing at the time.  But she was doing something and working hard at it.

The Wiggle Butt song.  She got this when we were in Minnesota in May from one of my cousin’s kids.  I think…  She says, “Wiggle.  Butt.  Wiggle Butt.”  Sometimes there’s a “wiggle, wiggle wiggle” thrown in for good measure.  You wouldn’t believe the cuteness when she sashays and throws her hips wiggling her butt while singing.

The Happy Day song.  One of her own songs she sang in the car one day when I was driving.  It was mostly “Happy Day” over and over and over, but with different length and pitch.  She added more verse of “Happy Day” when LOML was around, but will now no longer sing any of it for us.

“I stinky.  Change diaper.”  This happened when LOML took Big Ive for a father-daughter morning at a cafe in Croatia.  They were enjoying coffee and juice, respectively, and then Big Ive dropped the bomb.  Literally.  And then they had to climb a big steep hill to get back to our apartment to change her.

In the Croatian village we stayed in we had to walk by a school yard to get to the town center.  One morning Big Ive heard and saw the kids playing and asked to go play with her “friends”.  “I go play wif fends?”  We got to the gate and it was locked, obviously.  Big Ive was sad and said, “Gate locked.  Keys?  Daddy?”

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