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Deutsch als Fremdsprache, MomMom Style

I just completed my first German class’ homework.  And tonight is the second class of this 15-ish week course.

I sat down to start working on the homework after both girls went down for their afternoon nap.  Thinking I was being a smart person I skipped those first 5 or so pages of nonimportant grammar and stuff and went straight to the first assigned exercise.  Where I stepped on the brakes and had a small panic attack — I had no idea how to complete it.  When I sat in class everything seemed easy and crystal clear.  I get home a week later and I don’t even know what those words mean!

So I went back to that VERY important 5 or so pages of grammar.  And stuff.  I read through it, copied my notes from last week’s photocopied pages and then the exercises made sense.  Sure, there was a lot of cross checking between workbook and textbook.  Once I got going it seemed to get easier. Word meanings and translations started clicking in my brain.  Somehow, learning Spanish in high school seemed so much easier…

We’ll see tonight how many I got correct!  : )

Ich heiße MomMom.
Wie heißen Sie?

(Also, perks for putting in HTML code for German characters, right?  Right?! Come on!  Can you give me a little bit?)
: )

[[EDIT 26 Sept]] One of the first things the teacher said was that the answers were in the back of the workbook.  This is me saying, ‘duh’, and slapping my forehead with my palm.  Why didn’t I think of that to begin with?

Class was fun.  We talked about resident visas and a few of us showed her our resident ID cards.  She had never seen ones like it before.

It really stretches my brain; I think I know what we just covered and then draw a complete blank when we actually work through the exercises verbally.

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