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Big Ive-isms ROUND 3 & Little E Can Talk


“I wanna look it. Wif eyes. BigIve look wif eyes.” Said while she cups the side of her head with her hands, looking around, similar to what you would do to cup your ears to hear something better.  This is by her temples.  One of the funniest things this kid does.  It has me in stitches every time.  It usually happens when I ask her if she sees something.  “Do you see a cow?” “I wanna look it.  Wif eyes.  Cow.”

“I’ma get her.” Said while outstretching her arms in imitation of what I do to pick up Little E.  Like my 30ish pound 2.5 year old will really be able to pick up my 25+ lb 12month old.

“One enh you.  One enh you.” = One for you.  One for you.  Said while distributing Lego blocks to me and Little E.

“Babys take a part Big Ive’s cookie!”  Meaning Little E took a piece of her cookie.  She was VERY upset.  I thought it was a good sentence, though.  :) (12 September 2012)

BI: Baby Elephant crying.
Me: Why is the elephant crying?
BI: Sad. Baby fall floor. Get hurt. Cryin’.
Me: Oh, the baby elephant fell on the floor and got hurt.
BI: Baby fall floor. Sad. Makes behyer (better).

How Big Ive counts:
One. Three. Funf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun. Funf, sechs, sieben. Funf, sechs, sieben.
This is literally how she counts any amount of objects just about every time.  LOML and I bust out laughing every.single.time.

Little E Can Talk (!) ((How is it my 13 month old baby is Speaking.In.Discernible.Words???))

“Mooit. Mooit.”  Said with a very pronounced pursed lips.  = “Move it. Move it.” The line from the movie Madagascar.

“mooee” = movie

“docks” = socks

“happabirdada” = Happy birthday

“dooce” = juice

“appa” = apple (10 September 2012)

“jendil” = gentle (She said and signed this for most of a quarter of a mile on our walk the morning of 10 September 2012.)

beyya = belly This is one of the cutest things she does.  She says her version of the word belly and then pulls up her shirt and proudly shows off her big baby belly.  She has a hard time with the L sound, which just makes the word even more adorable.  The not so cute part is when we’re out in public and she starts pulling up everyone else’s shirts to see their bellies.

stinky This is kind of a combination of sort of intelligible babble and baby signing.  Stinky is signed by waving your hand in front of your nose as if you were trying to wave away a smell.  She sort of waves her chubby little hand in front of her belly and mumbles a baby babble that sounds kind of like ‘stinky’ if you tilt your head 67degrees to the left while scrunching your nose and humming an A440.  Or something like that.

Bonkee = Monkey in Little E speak 9-29

Open (in reference to her commanding me to opening a package of gummy bears that was handed to her at the restaurant. This was the first time she’s said a command to me.) 9-28-2012

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