A Betime Story – in one act

A Bedtime Story, in One Act

“What Really Happens When You Think Your Child Is Sleeping”


  • mother in downstairs living room relaxing while surfing the internet after putting her 2 small children to bed. In unseen upstairs bedroom 2.5 year old toddler is NOT sleeping and systematically getting herself into more and more trouble digging through drawers and cabinets.


  • Mother
  • Big Ive (almost 2.5 year old red-headed toddler with a personality to match the red  hair)
  • Little E (baby sister sleeping in crib)

Mother: (Thinking to herself) I thought Big Ive was asleep in our bed. It’s way past her bedtime.  Surely she is fast asleep by now. What is that small feet padding around I hear upstairs?

Big Ive: (softly) Mommy.

Big Ive meets Mother at the landing with her palms facing up, arms outstretched.

Mother: What’s that on your hands, Big Ive? (clearly knowing she had found my foundation makeup)

Big Ive: Mud.

Mud. BigIve’s hands.

(I admit I laughed a little inside at this statement.  It was funny to see her put a word she knew in the place of a word she didn’t know.)

Mother: Where did it come from?

Big Ive: “Bathroom.  Right here. (pointing to Mother’s travel bag)

Mother: (Not seeing the container of makeup I ask her to tell me where it is.) Show me exactly where the container is.

She leads me into our bedroom where I see the container with the lid off, a good portion of the contents spilled on the bed. Also on the bed is the iPad (playing Pirates) and a battery operated flashlight with the battery compartment screwed off. She got a stern talkin’ to. She wanted to cry but she didn’t. She knew she had done something very bad. (Good thing LOML is not home so I don’t have to worry about washing the sheet until tomorrow.)

Mother: Go into the bathroom right now and we’ll wash your hands.

Once hands and a spot on her face were washed I explained that she would be going to her bed by herself and that she was expected to go to sleep. I told her I didn’t want to hear from her until the morning when the sun came out.

Oh, that child. She sure does whatever she wants and is her own person. No doubt about it there.

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