NaBloPoMo Day 6 – Random Thoughts Mostly From German Class

During my evening German class today a guy from the Czech Republic was talking about communism in his country before their revolution.  Their revolution that happened in 1989.  I can hardly believe that.  It is so easy to forget about so many countries’ struggles being from a free democracy (which is voting for president today!), having never have had to live through any hardships.  It pretty much blew my mind. I was 4 years old when this happened.

He said his town was liberated by the US forces in 1945 but that they would be thrown in jail if they spoke that.  The ‘official’ word was Russia liberated them.  He talked about grocery stores; one brand for each item and each item was the same cost throughout the country.  No town would have a different cost for, say, milk than another town.  He said every person in the same profession would make the same salary no matter where they lived.  A person in a small village working as a plumber would make the same money as a person in a big city working as a plumber.

I try not to forget how blessed I am to be from the US.  I try to remember to not take anything for granted. When I hear about things like this — things that happened in my lifetime! — I am jolted back into quiet contemplation and thankfulness.

Sometimes the limitless choice in the stores in overwhelming.  But, at least we HAVE a choice.

Sometimes free speech is used for reasons I don’t agree with.  But, at least we HAVE free speech.

Sometimes we wish we could be making more money.  But, at least our salary is not dictated by someone else regardless of skill/residence/etc.


LOML has been watching that zombie tv show, Walking Dead.  I can’t watch it.  It is much too scary for me.  I don’t do well with visual gore and frightening things.  In print in books, I’m ok with for some reason.  Anyway… Since he started watching that (after the children are in bed) I keep thinking I’m going to come across a zombie coming out of the woods on my drives home at night after German class.

I told him about my fear and he explained how to fully kill off the infected zombie by bashing their brains. I then said that I needed a good stabbing steak tool to keep in the car in case of zombies.  He then told me I should put our hammer in the car.  It is a dual hammer, ice pick with one long metal tool/weapon.

Thanks, LOML.  Now I will feel safer.  :)


The girls and I walked down to the little Spielplatz (park) in our village this afternoon. Big Ive wanted to swing but someone had wrapped the baby swing tightly around the top post where I couldn’t reach it.  She wasn’t thrilled about swinging with me on the tire swings.  Once she was done I picked up Little E [[side tangent: She fell asleep in the car on the way home from the babysitter’s house.  I carried her in the house and put her in bed, still fully asleep.  Then, about 15 minutes later it was  time to get Big Ive and she stayed asleep as I put her jacket on and put her in the stroller.  And she STAYED asleep the entire walk to and from the school all the way down to the Spielplatz!  Crazy baby!]] out of the stroller and started swinging with her.  She. freaked. out. She did NOT like swinging one bit.  I tried holding her closer and tighter and it didn’t really help.  This is the same kid who screams when you try to put her upside down.  She flips out.


Big Ive has come home saying German words and is definitely babbling in German.  I don’t fully understand all of her English so there is absolutely no way I can understand her toddler German babble.


I enjoy German.  It is a fun language with how you can form new words by putting other words together.  It’s hard coming from English with no gendered nouns, but I’m learning.  I wish there was just a switch to flip and it would be second nature to speak German easily.


ALSO.  Can I say I’m proud of myself for editing the CSS on my blog to change the case of blog titles?  The all caps thing from this theme was driving me crazy.  Also, I need to be able to differentiate capital and lowercase letters in German because it is a big part of their grammar.

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